Farming in the First Hour of MoP Guide

This Guide is how to start farming in the first hour after being able to reach the introduction to Pandaria.

A few notes before I describe what each screen shot is for.

  • I say first hour as it seems to take about a 20-30 minutes to complete the introductory quests that take you from your faction capital to the first flight point to which you would normally gain access.
  • I highly recommend you complete the quests that take you to the first flight point, you don’t need to do any others and you really don’t even need to do those however if nothing else, complete all the quests that start on your flying fortress.  They have since added teleporters to take you back up to the deck of the ships but at least for the alliance those are a pain to find.
  • You do not need to get all the flight points I will point out but they are not much of a detour and will be helpful when you want to go a back and level after starting to farm.


After going to see the King and getting the nice intro movie you get the quest that actually takes you to Pandaria from a solder just infront of the entrance to the castle.  This first image is of my map and you can barely make out the completion location from the circle which is located to the north of the docks.  Not only is it north of the docks, the ship is an Airship so if you can’t find it look up and you will see it most of the time.

Alliance Intro Quest Map

This image here is just to show you who you are turning your quest into. This may be hard to find in the first few hours as there may be many people standing on top of them.

Alliance Intro Turn-in


After Completing the introductory quests you will be send to your first quest hub, the image below has the flight master and the portal back to Stormwind just for your reference.  Additionally a picture of the in game map to show you were you are within the zone. (Wayward Landing Area)


The next quest hub that you will end up at that has a flight point is pictured below.  This is an optional flight point to pick up but you may find it useful for when you get back to leveling in between plantings. (Pearlfin Village)


The third flight point that I picked up on my circuit of flight points is located near the location of the first dungeon you also gain access to while leveling. (Temple of the Jade Serpent)


The final flight point in The Jade Forest to acquire along your way to farming is located at Dawn’s Blossom.  This or the earlier flight point for the (Temple of the Jade Serpent) are the last flight point when getting the flight points if a Horde player.  Additionally all of the flight points from here on are the same for both Alliance and Horde.


After going to see the War Chief head off to a Horde Air ship and you head off to Pandaria.  Like the Alliance opening you get to do some story based quests that set up your entrance into Pandaria.  Do them until you get a quest to go to the first quest hub for the Horde which is located on the northern coast of Pandaria.


Here is a image of the first flight point that you will encounter and want to pick up while traveling to the Valley of Four Winds to start farming.


The second flight point that I recommend for the Horde looking to farm early is to pick up the point at the Tian Monastary, it is a little out-of-the-way but you may find it useful when you go back to level and rep.


The next and last flight point needed is the one at Dawn’s Blossom, it is also the last one for the Alliance, at this point you have a choice of either continuing to the Temple of the Jade Serpent  to pick of the flight point there for later instance running or just heading west to the Valley of Four Winds.


After leaving the Jade forest along the road on the west side of the map and about center vertically.  You will also find Chen and LiLi who are your main story quest givers for this zone which opens up at 86.  It for this reason most will say not to go here until 86.  If your goal is questing and leveling they yes they are correct.  If you want to farm go forth and grow.  When you want to level the alt or main that you are initially starting to farm with then you can take the flight points back and level, there is nothing stopping you from doing it.

Here is a map of the Valley of Four Winds as I stated above the quests hubs and flight points appear to be the same for both Alliance and Horde for this zone.

Here is the flight master at the first quest hub for this zone, just pick up the flight point and continue on. Beware the mobs around this farm are constantly moving, a lot, and will aggro and be annoying.

Another optional flight point along the way.

And here we end at this flight point, this is the flight point for Halfhill where all the cooking and farming initially takes place until level 90 and even then a lot of activity is going to occur here.

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