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Something Completely Different – Flashcard Template for Kanji

So I am working once again at attempting to learn Japanese.  Who knows how well or far I will go this time.  But while I was working on aides to help learn characters and words I got tired of making guide lines by hand after the 2nd card.  Here is a template I made very quickly in Photoshop.   Feel free to use if you find it helpful.  Image as a jpg.

Also made a static page for the template.



This link to the PSD file should work, let me know if it does not.



I added a 8.5 by 11 template for card stock.  It is centered on the page so should be able to be printed on both sides.

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Primary Account Subscription Canceled – Again

I had previously canceled both of my subscriptions in January and re-subbed my primary account when 5.2 launched.  While I may not have un-subscribed had 5.3 been out 2 weeks ago looking at what is still forming in the 5.3 PTR, I have decided to just cancel the subscription and wait until something else catches my interest or 6.0 arrives.

I am writing this quick summary as I listed my blog and twitter account in the other form field when I canceled my subscriptions as places to check for additional feedback since 255 characters is nowhere near enough to actually post a reasonable explanation.

I will most likely also be making followup posts hopefully in a Blizzard “Soon”TM time frame going into greater detail on some of the topics below.

So to begin what is it I would normally like to do in WoW, that I did in tBC, Wrath, and Cataclysm that I am not really doing in MoP.

  1. Craft gear for alts, guild members or for sale on AH
  2. Work on alts which would receive said gear.
  3. With alt army gather, sell, trade materials essentially play the AH.
  4. Do guild runs of dungeons, raids or other content, on a more casual basis.


While I really liked how some of the professions worked with the random item stat generation at the same time it really sucked that there was not a way to make sure a blue item.  This could easily have been done by adding a few additional patterns that create random secondary stats but with an extra crafting material will always generate Intelligence, Agility, Strength or Spirit items.  This would need a slightly different crafting panel one which had 2 more spots for optional materials to be used such that you could a mote of harmony to make sure a blue quality item for normally green patterns and as I previously mentioned an item that would influence the Primary Stats on the item, thus decreasing randomness with an increase in material cost.  Hell uncut green quality gems would be perfect for this.


This IMO has been the most Alt unfriendly content in the games since Vanilla where Vanilla is the ultimate unfriendly Alt environment.  My interests in game change constantly depending upon well anything else in or out of game.  Some days I like to melee, rarely tank anymore, usually I like to range dps, and occasionally heal.   Certain classes I like more than others for each of those roles so having the army of alts available and geared meant that when I logged in I would be able to do what I wanted depending upon which class/role combination I felt like playing at that moment.  4.3 was great for this which is why MoP is such a kick in the balls.

The added benefit of having an Alt army was that no matter what the class developers did there should be at least 1 combination of class and role that I should feel like playing.  This is not true anymore because with the current raid design even in LFR there is no way in Hell I will tank them ever.


Not much to say here other than after the first month or so the expansion the AH was dead as a door-nail even on the mid population server that Elune-US usually finds itself as.

I have many theories on this and only Blizzard has the data to verify it unfortunately.  My theory is that since the number of Alts being played and the initially gear and entry in to normal mode raids was so brutal that most are only playing one character maybe 2 now with  some exceptions.  Since for a very long time only 1 character needed items and most of the gear early on was very socket limited we had not turn over on gems.  Additionally since all the crafting patterns were locked away behind pain in the ass reputations only available once you hit 90 you had very few who had access to crafting crafted gear which severely limited how much was available on the AH.  Additionally once those items were posted on the AH the cost of them were such that very few could afford them which limited the supply even more because if they would not sell at a price the makers felt justified the weeks of Rep hell to get the patterns the market imploded into an even greater depression.  I could go further here but will not as even what I have theorized I have no way to prove or disprove.

Casual Guild Runs

Casual raiding guilds are dead, my current guild, one which I helped to form, to survive has become much more hardcore.  That is all I am going to say about the guild.  Now for the content that caused this crisis is simple. The tuning on all raid content since ICC, with the exception of Dragon Soul, has been way over-tuned.  In the past and on Twitter I have gone on about this extensively and am not going to bother expanding upon it here.  However it was worth mentioning.


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Spring/Summer Update

So I have not posted anything since January which was follow-up to a conversation/twitter exchange.

It is not that I don’t have opinions on the current content and game systems in WoW, it just does not seem worth it anymore.  I have been concerned about item level inflation for several years now.  Early in Cataclysm IMO saw it as something to be concerned about and would lead to completely stupid levels of gear/damage inflation.  Well we are either there now or will be by the end of this expansion.  I really would like to see Blizzard be pro-active and not reactive.  The only proactive thing I have seen them do in Mists was the complete and total overhaul of the Talent system.

Don’t get me wrong I liked the overhaul, and as far as class play goes I like how most of them play.  I don’t like active tanking but I am giving up on that fight, other than to say that it just is one more way that artificial walls are being put in place to limit access to content.

IMO game design should be about making inclusive content that everyone can take part in to  some extent.  So far since Cataclysm Blizzard appears to have done their damnedest to segregate the player-base.  Even if it is not their direct goal, it is the net effect of all the other content design decisions they are making and refuse to change.

In a world of infinite resources for development, I am sure Blizzard could create completely equal 10 and 25 man content which has more than just Normal and Heroic or binary difficulty.  So we could once again have 0,1,2,3D Sarth on both 10 and 25 man versions, hell on top of it a 25 man LFR version of 0D Sarth to boot. That would result in 9 different versions of the fight with 5 different levels of difficulty since 10 and 25 would be equal of course.

To say that 10 and 25 man can be equal difficulty when there is only 1 size of the room yet in one mode 2.5 times as many players that need to spread out on certain mechanics is complete fucking joke.  But enough about raiding since I have not actually “raided” since I Firelands.  I have run LFR and enjoyed it in 4.3, but did not really like the MV -> HoF & TES change up, and ToT LFR don’t get me started.  I essentially only run ToT LFR with a guild run or when there are at least 6-8 other guild members in the group before queuing.

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