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A Next Gen MMO Revisited

A “Next Gen” MMO like Blizzard “Titan” is a Duke Nukem Forever.  There are many empty promises for years and then those evaporate and when the game or product is finally released it can not stand up to the Hype

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Something Completely Different – Flashcard Template for Kanji

So I am working once again at attempting to learn Japanese.  Who knows how well or far I will go this time.  But while I was working on aides to help learn characters and words I got tired of making

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Primary Account Subscription Canceled – Again

I had previously canceled both of my subscriptions in January and re-subbed my primary account when 5.2 launched.  While I may not have un-subscribed had 5.3 been out 2 weeks ago looking at what is still forming in the 5.3 PTR, I

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