The following are a list of websites that I frequent about the games I play and just to stay near the loop of what is going on in gaming lately.  Most of these sites you can also find a link to in my links section.


Main and News Sites:

  • Massively and WoWInsider
  • Tank Spot
  • MMO-Champion
  • Battleclinic
  • EVE Online Main Site
  • Threadmeters
  • WoW Forums and Main Site
  • WoWHead
  • WoWDB
  • WoWWiki
  • Official Vanguard Website



  • Restokin (I help run it.)
  • Player versus Developer
  • Big Bear Butt
  • The Daily Druid


Before I get into discussing any theories or ideas I may have about various games and or systems within them or for them I want to make the following statement.  I fully believe that the developers of any of these games I talk about do not have “favorites” and truly want to make the best game they can given the resources they have available.  In MMOs is there always room for improvement?  The answers is almost always yes there is, the real question is, does the current implementation of the system suit the needs of the vast majority of players and does not cause any particular bugs or exploits.  If the answer is yes then anything regarding this system then becomes a low priority.  If it is not burning down or causing something else to burn then we can get to it when we have time.

This being said I have and will continue to be snarky on the various forums I frequent because I am one of the types of players that when we see room for improvement we want that improvement and the sooner the better.  As a programmer I understand that it is not always possible to achieve these goals in a timely manner, but just because I understand this does not mean I will let it rest.