The goal of this blog is really just to be a central place for me to deposit ideas that I get about game systems in general.  Now usually they will be based on something annoying or intriguing me in one of the games I am currently playing.


Malchome is the name of one of my Warrior Characters in World of Warcraft.  My previous main forum posting names were Lavata a Druid, Shepardbuch a Shaman and the earliest was Kaeley a Mage.  When I switched to Alliance a few months after starting the game I could not think of what I wanted to name my characters and was in the middle of watching Firefly for the first or second time.  It was during the summer of 2006.  I remember playing on my first character a Forsaken warrior and running around Undercity while the scourge invasion during the original Naxx opening occurred.  I had no idea at the time what was going on and went back to my leveling and exploring the game.

After finally getting a male character to 80 that has a somewhat normal name I decided to stick with it as my main persona to post on the forums and now to use for this blog.

Contact Email: malchome at mmo-report dot com


Characters and Game

Warcraft – Elune US
  • Malchome – Warrior
  • Lavata – Druid
  • Kaeley – Mage
  • Shepardbuch – Shaman
  • Cemone – Priest
  • Inaradria – Warlock
  • Jaynn – Hunter
  • Tsoee – Paladin
  • Rivir – Rogue
  • Yuval – Deathknight
  • Galen Gallente – around 53M SP character.
Guild Wars
  • I had a couple of characters but have not played game in years.
  • 1 Level 11 Blood Mage, Lvl 11 Tailor, Level 10ish Diplomacy.