The Legendary Problem in Legion

So for about the last month I have almost no interest in playing Legion.  I don’t hate WoW like I have in the past, I just have no interest in doing anything that is available to me.  The main reason for this is that everything is so fucking random that I just don’t know what I want to invest my play time in.  So I play other games, Overwatch, HoTS, Diablo 3 and many others on Steam.

Why? Simple in most of the games I know that if I do X, Y times I get Z.  If I do well it may take less Y.  With legendaries and crafting it all RNG, RNG, RNfuckinG.  On top of that Artifact Knowledge is character bound, at least Class/Account wide would be better when it should just be account wide.  Then Artifact Power is per character per spec.  I don’t mind it being per spec when spent but the power should be accrued by the character irrelevant of spec.

I have been thinking about this since one of Panzer’s Tradechat episodes in late November or early December.  The real problem is that we don’t really see anything getting better.  A few of the BoA AK items are a band-aid rather than the system actually being improved.  I have 6 110s and only 1 of my characters have 1 legendary.  Before I dropped off the face of the game last month I had a lot of playtime across my 6 characters and since the “fail and seriously fail in failsafe” for RNG protection is character scoped and then it is only certain content.  So if you don’t do that content but play 2-3 times a much “time” as others you will still be much farther behind with no hope of ever catching up.  So yay yet another system to screw over those that are not completely invested in 1 character.

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