The Good, The Bad and The Random

First I must say as much as I want flight and am annoyed by it not being available, I am playing this expansion as much as I did Cataclysm.

The Good

World Quests

I like the World Quest system, I would love it more with flight but it currently has a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) not Most Valued P-something status.

Dungeon & Raid Scaling

I think this may be the first expansion with the content scaling in difficulty has actually be a smooth line without any major cliffs/spikes/crazy WTFs.  After about 3 weeks of clearing normal EN our raiding in Heroic for the bosses we can get down now feel like normal mode was 2 weeks ago.  This is also the first expansion since Wrath of the Lich King where I felt the normal & heroic 5-man dungeons were properly tuned.  Mythic starts to get a little out of hand but it was most likely a gear thing.  So there is a bit of a hiccup in the scaling between Heroic5s and Mythic5s.

Flight Masters Whistle

Honestly without this time saver the World Quest end game content would become a major pain in the ass faster than they are at the moment.  However IMO the time frame where WQs become not worth the time without flying mounts enabled is somewhere between 3 and 8 weeks.  Essentially the hard deadline would be the New Year, and not the Chinese New Year either.

The Bad & Random

Craft Skill-ups and Patterns

I usually enjoy crafting but this expansion so far has been a royal pain in the ass when it comes to crafting.  What was very annoying well let us count the ways.

  1. Patterns only really acquirable from quests.
  2. Pattern Quests are level restricted.
  3. Upgrade patterns are also level/quest bound.
  4. Further upgrade patterns are also only available through either random drops/World Quests/Boss Drops/Exalted Rep Grind
  5. Materials are very scarce because gathering upgrades are extremely random as well.

How could this be improved.

  1. All 1 star patterns are vendor (no rep required) or trainable from a crafting trainer.
  2. All 2 and 3 star pattern quests are available from a known location, I actually am ok with the 3-star being Exalted locked but 2 should be easily found and either require a quest like now in some cases or no more than friendly rep locked.
  3. All 1 star gathering quests are acquired after the first pick/mine/skin of said resource.
  4. All 2 star gathering quests are from the trainer with the requirement of the first quest completed, maybe a level restriction of 106.
  5. All 3 star gathering should come from random like now but also have a quest item available from all factions at revered.

Legendary Items

So while having Legendary Items drop and having interesting bonus mechanics that can change up how some of your normal abilities work, the system for acquiring them leaves a bit to be desired.  On top of this the catch up or RNG Protection system had a bug and actually gave those that were lucky enough to get one actually had a higher chance than normal to get a second and or 3rd before the hot fix was implemented to fix the mistake.  This could have been avoided if the catch up mechanic was not a convoluted probability manipulation with your chance of getting a Legendary Drop, but instead a static fail-safe system like a separate currency or quest progression.  The additional advantage would be that it would allow for those that got a drop but not one that uses abilities or mechanics that they enjoy using and acquire one using things they enjoy, or get one that is more suitable to the content they wish to partake.


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