A History of my WoW Experience Part 5 (MoP)

Almost done now we are at the second to last post I plan for this topic and this one focuses on the current expansion Mists of Pandaria.

Unlike many in the community that were expecting WoW : Kung Fu Panda, I went into the expansion with a somewhat more open mind.  I did have some issues with the speed of leveling and Jade Forest even while in Beta but kept my fingers crossed hoping for some minor tweaks when it Launched.

MoP Launch Date – September 25th 2012

So for the Launch I was actually able to schedule 2 weeks off from work, and it happened to be around my Birthday so I had multiple reasons to take some time off.  Due to being able to take that amount of vacation time for the Launch I was able to get the only 2 achievements I was concerned about relatively early on.

Master of All – October 14th 2012
Quintessential Quintet – November 4th 2012

After the 5th character however given the xp curve at launch and that there was no system to get my leveling alts the ability to fly in Pandaria, I could not bring my self to level another character.

It was during the push for 5 characters and eventually a 6th where I actually started to Hate the game.  Not just dislike certain parts and still be able to push through the pain but visceral hate for leveling and the content in general.

Not to mention I like crafting such that one character can make items for others while leveling and maybe for themself.  Well with the way crafting materials and patterns were distributed and locked as BoP or behind rep walls that you have to be 90 to get access to.  Well there went the ability for my factory of alts to be able to help one another in any reasonable amount of time.  By the time I got 1 the patterns they would not need anything for themselves and I would be sick of playing them almost exclusively sometime before that point.

So after a few months I realized that I did not have the interest to keep both of my WoW accounts active and as I listed below my second account I let expire in January 2013.  This was not unprecedented I have had 2 or more WoW accounts since tBC where I spun the second account up for the Zhevra mount with RAF.  What was unprecedented for me and WoW was when I decided that by there had not been enough changes by 5.3 to prove keeping my Primary account open and me interested in the game.  I had started to feel that way in April 2013 which is when the last achievement on my account occurred and I stopped logging in regularly.

Primary WoW Account Expired July 24th 2013
Secondary WoW Account Expired January 22nd 2013

So due to the structure of the content of MoP, I a player that had taken no previous complete brakes from WoW did so.  All previous expansions were structured such that I felt that there was at least something interesting for me to do as a player that did not Raid much.  It was no one big thing like there is for some where raiding is not hard enough, or there are Panda’s being added.  It was death by a 1000 little things and those little things not changing or changing soon enough to change my opinion.  Blizzard really needs to learn how to do Smaller/Faster content cycles.  I can not imagine how many 100Ks if not a Million or  more they will lose over the next 20 weeks+ so there is enough time for another PvP season while everyone waits for WoD.

Now I realize that the PvP season is being added because there is enough time for it due to the current schedule for WoD, but lets be honest, the clock started ticking when SoO was released.  No player wants a repeat of the last tier of Cata let alone ICC but due to pacing of content Blizzard is yet again setting itself up for pain in that department.

Here’s a hint, launch an expansion with no opening raid tier so you can get all of the systems up and running and out the door.  Let the expansion, dungeons and such run for 4-6 weeks so those that want world firsts don’t have to quit their jobs for the first month each expansion just to get leveled, geared, and running the first second they could.

Well I am already getting into topics that I should save for my summary and WoD discussion so I will end this post here.  It is also short because unlike the other expansion which were earlier ones this one is ongoing even if I am not playing it anymore.

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