A History of my WoW Experience – Part 3 (UR)

Continuing from my earlier post, we are in Wrath of the Lich King, my significant other Lissanna now wife, and I were raiding in ICC with Conspiracy and we the guild is recruiting new raiders to fill gaps in the roster as long time members take a break from the game or retire from raiding.

Well due to churn and Conspiracy being a social raiding guild, a type that does not exist anymore thanks to the Cataclysm in multiple ways, and a Lich King kill is slow coming.  At the height of raiding in WoW Elune had 40+ 25 man raiding guilds Conspiracy was not the best but was not the worst either and was comfortably in the middle.  The rough part of this was an additional factor to the player churn was more progressed guilds on the server when openings would appear would either recruit from the mid tier or off server.  I was also getting frustrated with the guild leadership because they refused to just buy a LK kill so that we could start on heroics which many were easier to execute than the LK fight on normal.  Way to design progression there Blizzard.  This is a problem they have had and will continue to have until they get out of the requiring an end of instance boss kill to unlock “heroic” and soon “mythic” raiding.

So I end up using my gold resources and buy a LK kill on my mage for the title and so that Heroic ICC can be unlocked and we can get some heroic gear to make the LK fight more forgiving.  Needless to say this did not go well with the leadership of the guild and I just said hell with raiding for a second time during LK.  With the year-ish time that ICC was the raiding content in wrath I had started raiding it in my Priest got halfway through before getting fed up with the raid leading and going casual again.  Later after some leadership changes I started with my Mage this time because in the mean time the guild had recruited a really good Disc Priest, which happened to a relative of Lissanna.  I am not sure when in all of this a new raider was recruited which ended up taking over raid leading in some fashion.  I was only partially paying attention to Conspiracy’s internal politics and my buying a LK caused a minor shit storm which was increased when Mindalen went and bought a second kill so that there would be more people who could unlock heroics, and she wanted the title as well.

So all of this simmered during summer and reached a boiling point at the end of September 2010.  At this point Ranico the raider that was leading Conspiracy raids more and more during the end of summer, Mindalen, Lissanna and I took alts we had on server and created a new guild named Undying Resolution.  We expected maybe 10-12 of the new members in Conspiracy’s main 25-man raid to potentially move to the new guild with us.  What happened is at the end of the last scheduled raid day of the week, it was announced to the raid that the the 4 of us an a few others were moving to the newly formed guilds and anyone currently in Conspiracy was welcome to join us no questions asked.  The majority of the raid moved with us.  This was done so quickly and cleanly that we were raiding with a full 25-man the following raid reset with most of the old raid group and a few other new recruits that we got through various channels.

Part of the reason this went as quickly as it did was I had a full working guild website up and running before we even filled out the new guild charter.  Lissanna had been getting frustrated with ICC and raiding and was contemplating just making a causal guild based around her blog and most likely full of Druids but she only idly contemplated that.  Me, liking the idea got portal page, forums and raid calendar all set up ready to go when ever she wanted.  I just cloned that site when we needed to use it for Undying Resolution, just one of the few secrets in the History of UR.

Now that 25-man guild created from the ashes of another guild when there was a major deviation between the will of the guild officers and the raid/raid leaders was setting itself up just as the Wrath expansion was closing.  Currently UR is the top real 25-man raiding guild on Elune.  Just Crusade who use to be the top guild on the server for several expansions and went 10-man only during Cataclysm and then imploded since then.  Now is an organized PUG with characters/alts from many of the 10-man guilds that just feel like raiding more.  As far as an actual guild community, UR is the top 25-man guild on Elune.

I will refrain from ranting about the guild Cataclysm that occurred during Cataclysm as I have bitched about it a lot in previous posts and it solely falls on Blizzard as to why it happened.  I will say that while many guilds collapsed UR remained strong and grew stronger during all the turmoil.

This post turned into more about the founding of UR than Cataclysm so I will pick up in my next post with my real play experience during Cataclysm.  Then I expect another post on MoP and then a final post for this trend covering Blizzcon and WoD.

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