A History of my WoW Experience – Part 2 (Wrath)

So in my previous post, I ended with myself, Lissanna and a few of our IRL and in game friends transferring servers from Sentinels-US to Elune-US.  At the time it was between T6 and T6.5 the Sunwell content.  I think it was actually during the Sunwell opening event and we used Sunwell opening progress as one of the criteria when picking the new server.

We chose Elune because at that time it was a phase or 2 ahead of Sentinels in the opening of the Sunwell, and it was a large population server without being very high or over-populated.  The server also had many guilds that were raiding content at the time.

So we all moved, it was also around the time of year when Americans get back any money overpaid to the IRS for federal taxes.  That year this move is where most of my refund went, since at the time I had 9 characters to move.  I will not go into server transfer and character change costs at this time and save it for another post.

Now on a new server we all applied and joined a guild named EXILE.  I really don’t remember much about this guild anymore as there were some personality clashes that became apparent shortly after beginning to raid with EXILE.  I not really being a “raider” and not understanding that left the guild and formed the new version of a guild that was started on Sentinels before the move.  That guild called Northrend Privateers still exists on Elune as a Bank Alt guild for a friend of mine but all in all never really went anywhere.

After getting fed up with raiding as it was at the time I turned my attention back to alts and worked on leveling, gathering, crafting and selling of items from this time through really Tier 9 during Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

I did rejoin EXILE when Wrath launched and there was some changes with the leadership of the guild.  That, however did not last long and I bounced between my guild and other guilds on a few different characters until T9.  However, I did find one guild, Conspiracy, that had some nice and friendly members while also being a raiding guild and kept one or more characters there from January 2009 until October 2010.

So while I was doing the casual alt leveling thing during Wrath I finally achieved the goal I set out on shortly after starting to play WoW.  I got 1 character of every class to level cap 80 at the time, so 10 level 80s.

During this time Lissanna ran into yet more raiding problems with the various guild not having stable leadership or just the constant churn of players constantly looking for a guild farther progressed than their current guild.  Which is the story of the game experience for players in guilds not in the top 10-20 or so on a server.

So even though I was not raiding with the guild I knew from the forums that Conspiracy if nothing else had stable leadership and suggested that Lissanna apply there.  Eventually after doing her own research Lissanna applied and joined Conspiracy in May 2009.

Shortly before joining Conspiracy, something completely unrelated occurred in the Druid Blog-0-sphere, Resto4Life closed its doors , also at the same time Blizzard revealed that they were going to change the World of Warcraft forums and revel IRL names on posts.  This does not go over well with the player-base and is the main reason that Lissanna started Restokin.com.  Now the forum decision was later changed when the Battle.net forums we have now were initially implemented.

I mention Restokin.com here because if it was not already mentioned elsewhere I perform all of the back end hosting and maintenance for Lissanna’s blog.  I usually have weird things here as far as posts and features as I will test plugins here before adding them to Restokin.

So from early T8 though most of T10 Lissanna is raiding with Conspiracy and I am doing the casual thing with various alts and just running dungeons or occasionally PvP.  It was during this time that due to following a lot of WoW blog community that I stumble across a post by Matticus asking for user interface screen shots for PvP for a project he was working on.  My setup was different enough from many of the others he received so I was interviewed for an article which ended up being for the first issue of the World of Warcraft Magazine that only had 4 issues before it was discontinued.

If there was one thing from this period of time that I regret arguing for on the WoW forums it would be for equality between 10 and 25 man content.   While I was in a 25 man raiding guild at the time I still wished I could raid with my closer friends that had moved servers and we were lucky to get 10 people.  So I was all for making 10 man content viable.  I regret these arguments after seeing how Blizzard implemented the “equality” in Cata and MoP and I am glad to see the raiding changes coming in Warlords of Draenor.

Now during the end of Wrath of the Lich King turbulence was growing in Conspiracy with many new members being brought in as long time members stopped playing or raiding.  Due to this things were coming to a head.  This is a good breaking point as it ends at the cusp of a logical break in my gaming history with regards to WoW.

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