A History of my WoW Experience – Part 1 (tBC)

I was going to initially make this post about my thoughts on Warlords of Draenor and some Quality of Life fixes I am not waiting for in FFXIV:ARR before deciding on the game one way or another.   Then while typing I ended up just start telling my story of playing wow.

I have a peculiar play-style and I fully admit that.  I am not one of the majority in really any MMO I play.  What makes me different is I don’t get overly invested in any one character I play.

When initially leveling in WoW, I was the last person to begin playing out of the social group of IRL people who I knew at the time and also played the game.  That said I was left to my own devices while leveling, occasionally I a group of us would group up and do quests.  I did the warrior quest for the nice 40ish 2-handed sword before getting tired of leveling around a 40-man raid schedule, as in when I could ask for help and maybe get it.

So shortly after reaching 40 on the warrior, I re-rolled on a “new” server at that time Sentinels and liked the idea of being on a new realm where everyone would essentially be on an equal footing.  I then proceeded to roll 5 new Alliance characters, Malchome, Jaynn, Rivir, Inaradria and Lavata.  Firefly was very popular at the time and my IRL social group was on its second or 3rd viewing of the DVDs and I am horrible at picking names.  I then at the time accepted the challenge of leveling 1 character of every class to level cap because that was insane at the time and I had no interest in Raiding as it was at the time.

Also of note at this time I had only played one other MMO for a short time which was EVE-Online and in that game I had really wanted to be an Industrial Player: Mining and Building things.  That did not work out real well at the time and from that point on and off when I would get into combat so I could defend myself, now 8ish years later and 70+Million skill points my eve character can fly most sub-capitol ships.  I only mention this because in Vanilla where I was leveling these 5 characters and tBC where my highest level character Kaeley was 55 at time of launch, I really enjoyed the crafting system in WoW.  I like aspects of the crafting system better now while at the same time completely hating others.

Oh I also started playing WoW around the time of the first Naxx launch as I recall the first scourge invasion in Undercity where I as a level 15-20 would occasionally attack the giant patchwork zombies that would attack after the 10-30 level 60s would pile onto it.  So about 7-8 months later when tBC would launch in January my highest character was 55 as I mentioned above.

Also as a side note between the time of starting to play WoW and the launch of tBC, I was in several IRL clubs and social organizations, one of which was the SCA (The Society for Creative Anachronism).  I only mention this because it is relevant to my life and Warcraft experience as at one of the events that fall I met Lissanna and we started talking about WoW as it was something I found out she played.

So tBC launched and I worked to level my Mage to 70 and then worked on my Druid Lavata for 2 reasons, first I liked that Druids got flight early and secondly by this time Lissanna and I had been dating for a couple of months so got to hear about all the benefits of playing a Druid character.

So I could spend a lot of time going into the details of what I liked and disliked about tBC but will not at this time.  During tBC Lissanna could not keep up raiding on a West Cost Time Zone schedule while being in Grad School so was looking for another server to play on.  A few IRL friends of ours convinced her to come play with us on Sentinels.  It was then a bit later around the time of the Sunwell patch a group of us got tired of Sentinels since it was a low population RP server and transferred to Elune-US.

This is a good breaking point, I will hopefully finish this in a future post but I make no promises.

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