A “New” Game? FFXIV ARR

So I have been quiet the past couple of months with no posts, which is essentially for a few reasons.

Most of my focus here has been on World of Warcraft with other MMOs on the side, this is now changing because I have completely let my multiple World of Warcraft accounts go completely inactive.  I will not go into detail about my reasons at this time but the sum of it all is that with current design trends I just don’t give a damn anymore about anything in WoW.  Lissannna keeps telling me that I should only play WoW after about the 2nd raid patch because then they start to shorten or speed up the gear acquisition process at that point to let people catch up.  If I only find the game worth playing in the 2nd half or final 3rd of an expansion what is the point in playing that game at all. The answer is simple IT IS NOT WORTH PLAYING AT ALL IF THAT IS TRUE.

Let me clarify my bold statements here, I am referring on a personal level not that WoW sucks and everyone should quit.  I am saying that if you as a player are just not liking the content then quit and speak with your lack of subscript monies.

Now I will hold off on the debate about that statement and deliberate on it more in a later post as I do plan on posting a bit more often now, that I have finally figured out what I want to do with my spare time.

In addition to finally resolving my issues with WoW, I went back to EVE Online for a bit and after finally getting the reputation required to install some Jump Clones I promptly got bored as I did not have a specific new goal to work on.   So my EVE account will be going inactive at the end of August.  I also created characters in Neverwinter by Perfect Worlds and have been enjoying how much like D&D that game actually feels like.  I don’t think it will hold my interest for very long unless a few friends and I get a guild going soon, but have to wait for a few to get back from War,  Look up Pennsic if you want to know to what I am referring.

To be honest I am actually surprised by the game that has now caught my attention and will be going into my reasons in another post, especially after it launches and I can give my opinion after playing it.  I have pre-ordered Final Fantasy XIV : ARR, after watching the trailers and downloading the graphics test and running it on a few different setting and being pleased by the performance on my machine with the level of detail that is still available at medium.  I will also admit that after getting back into anime pretty hardcore that past month and watching Sword Art Online, the world in FFXIV really reminds me of the Anime which is part of the allure.  I would be interested in knowing which parts in the anime and the game are inspired by each other or a common source, potentially FFXI (Final Fantasy XI).

It is funny because Final Fantasy XI is one of the MMOs I refused to play because I was such a fan of the old FF games I refused to play an MMO version of it.  Now that was 11+ years ago and the gaming industry and the games themselves have changed greatly.  One of the reasons I have stopped being a video gamer to the extent that I was versus now am is due to the console wars over the past 15+ years.  I HATE with the heat of a million suns, how you need to buy every fucking version of console and handheld to be able to keep up with the game or story line.  So rather than waste all of the money on the consoles I just quit playing any game that had to have a console version then a slightly newer game on a hand held then the next version on the next gen console.  I can not wait to see how the gaming world is changed if STEAM ever gets its shit together and releases the console they have been talking about that allows everything that is on PC to be played on that console and vice-verse.

Well that is enough ranting for now.  Some of the other features of FFXIV that are somewhat in common with FFXI and EVE are the direction that I think the MMO market needs to move into and will go into more detail “soon”.

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