Spring/Summer Update

So I have not posted anything since January which was follow-up to a conversation/twitter exchange.

It is not that I don’t have opinions on the current content and game systems in WoW, it just does not seem worth it anymore.  I have been concerned about item level inflation for several years now.  Early in Cataclysm IMO saw it as something to be concerned about and would lead to completely stupid levels of gear/damage inflation.  Well we are either there now or will be by the end of this expansion.  I really would like to see Blizzard be pro-active and not reactive.  The only proactive thing I have seen them do in Mists was the complete and total overhaul of the Talent system.

Don’t get me wrong I liked the overhaul, and as far as class play goes I like how most of them play.  I don’t like active tanking but I am giving up on that fight, other than to say that it just is one more way that artificial walls are being put in place to limit access to content.

IMO game design should be about making inclusive content that everyone can take part in to  some extent.  So far since Cataclysm Blizzard appears to have done their damnedest to segregate the player-base.  Even if it is not their direct goal, it is the net effect of all the other content design decisions they are making and refuse to change.

In a world of infinite resources for development, I am sure Blizzard could create completely equal 10 and 25 man content which has more than just Normal and Heroic or binary difficulty.  So we could once again have 0,1,2,3D Sarth on both 10 and 25 man versions, hell on top of it a 25 man LFR version of 0D Sarth to boot. That would result in 9 different versions of the fight with 5 different levels of difficulty since 10 and 25 would be equal of course.

To say that 10 and 25 man can be equal difficulty when there is only 1 size of the room yet in one mode 2.5 times as many players that need to spread out on certain mechanics is complete fucking joke.  But enough about raiding since I have not actually “raided” since I Firelands.  I have run LFR and enjoyed it in 4.3, but did not really like the MV -> HoF & TES change up, and ToT LFR don’t get me started.  I essentially only run ToT LFR with a guild run or when there are at least 6-8 other guild members in the group before queuing.

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