Sub Cancel Post-Mortem 2

The previous Post-Mortem dealt with why I was playing a Human Character almost exclusively at the moment and not my normal Alt-o-holic behavior.  This one is going to build a little on what I was complaining about it and expand more into the reward side of the content and the issues problems with the beginning of expansion reward mechanics.

Problem the First: Multi-layered Gating Mechanics

Specifically in this case Justice/Valor Gear Vendors being Reputation Restricted.  Now I realize that a few of the restrictions have been loosened and some of the item levels have been increased after the fact but let’s get down to the basics.  Gating content is acceptable, and needed in some regards we all understand that, however for each gating mechanism there really should be X+1 ways to earn or bypass said Gate.

Problem the Second: Level Cap or Don’t Bother

In previous expansions some of the end-game factions were available to gain rep with before reaching the level cap.  This was useful because if you knew you wanted to get rewards from that faction you could then focus a nice part of your leveling content doing the normal quests for them.  In MoP with the un-rested xp rate acquisition and xp needed to level being so tight there was little wiggle room and flexibility as to which quest hubs you skipped.  Unless you leveled with full rested xp the whole time you were either going to have to go through some or all of the Wilds or deal with the hell that is Dread Wastes prior to being able to fly, again.

Problem the Third: Factions Locked Behind Factions (Worst of Problem the First and the Second)

So this the real problem with the basic design of End Game in MoP if you are not a raider or if you play more than one character regularly.  The amount of time required to push through to 90 and then be hit with a wall that is an even greater time investment just to get sub-par rewards adds insult to the injury.  I would elaborate more but several weeks have passed since when I started this post and now finishing up this part.  In the mean time I have come across several other games that I find much more enjoyable to spend time playing.

Two of them were single player games and one other is a MMO that I am really grooving on the systems as far as crafting, exploration, alt interplay and general leveling.  That MMO is Guild Wars 2, and I am surprised by how much I am enjoying it since I found the first Guild Wars many years ago to be very lacking.



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