Sub Cancel Post-Mortem 1

I am ultimately a casual alt-o-holic that likes to craft gear for my army of alts.  I get bored when playing any one character too exclusively for any major length of time.  I have been mostly playing one of my Paladins primarily lately and until the Subscriptions end for a couple of reasons.

1) The character is Human +10% Rep = Win where dailies are the only way to get rep and dailies suck.

2) The dailies in many cases are a major pain in the ass if you do not have at a minimum, the mitigation of a non-tanking plate wearer.  The mobs just hit too damn hard for content that is supposed to be completable solo and when not geared in full 463 blues or even epics.

That is it about why I play that character over the Mage, Priest, Druid, and Warrior that I also have at 90.

So now that the summary is out-of-the-way let’s get into what I really don’t like about MoP, and the following statement sums up pretty much all the current end game content.

It is not worth my time.

Or to elaborate a little.

The amount of effort and time required to get just 1 character ready for LFR and the crafting patterns I would want to use to gear up that and future characters is too great that by the time I would get there with my gaming habits I would not need the rewards.

This second part is pretty much the one problem I have found with every god damn MMO.  For some unexplained reason the ability to craft useful gear for the level your character is at only occurs if you are raiding at end game and you can get a raid drop crafting pattern.  Every other item made is damn near useless or you have better obtained via another method first.

I will end here for now, the next one I may grump about will most likely be travel and the corpse running annoyances.


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