Cataclysm in Review and Mists Examination

As I started this post before the launch of MoP, and never got to publishing it, I decide to just streamline the post where I would have each subsection a paragraph or 2, I just made it bullet points.  I am sure I will be commenting and bitching about some or most of these topics in the near future but just wanted to get the skeleton out there now.


The Bad

  • Too Linear and Phased Questing between 80-85
  • Initial Heroics and Initial Raid Tier Tuned to High for Introductory Content
  • Poor Information Reports Raid Kills – At Character and Guild Level
  • 10 & 25 on Same Raid ID – Extra Rules on Normal/Heroic/10/25 Toggles
  • Nothing to do in game other than Raid, PvP or Level and Alt

The Good

  • Complete Revamp of Primary 2 Continents in Azeroth
  • Questing between 1-60 updated to New Mechanics and Technology
  • Guild Level System and Guild Rewards
  • Have Group Will Travel added to the Game

Mists of Pandaria

The Bad

  • Have Group Will Travel removed from  the Game
  • XP Required to Level 88, 89, and 90 still a little to steep without full rested XP.
  • BoP Crafting Materials as World Drops (Motes/Spirits of Harmony)
  • No Flying Until Level 90 – On Each Character
  • Same Raiding Setup as Cataclysm so no Systematic Changes
  • World Bosses
  • Cross Realm Zones
  • Too Many Reputation Grinds that Can Only Begin at Level Cap

The Good

  • Several Mini-games added to the Game
  •  Interesting and Interactive Quests introducing you to the Story when Traveling to Pandaria
  • Quest progression somewhere between tBC and Wrath, not as linear and phased as Cata
  • Multiple Starting Raid Instances
  • The Landscape is Amazing
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2 comments on “Cataclysm in Review and Mists Examination
  1. Jonathan says:

    “BoP Crafting Materials as World Drops (Motes/Spirits of Harmony)”

    This was the case in both Wrath (Frozen Orbs) and Cata (Chaos Orbs) to start. Most higher end recipes required one. It will eventually be undone as both were.

    “No Flying Until Level 90 – On Each Character”

    People seems spoiled by the fact Cataclysm allowed this. I say it’s a good thing. We couldn’t fly until just shy of max level in both BC and Wrath. Cata did away with it and it basically ruined any sense of exploration.

    • Malchome says:

      The middle ground of making MoH and SoH BoA would have still slowed down crafting sufficiently while not creating the major bottleneck that is still in place. Additionally crafting in Wrath and Cata sucked hardcore, as with the BoA materials usually buy the time the crafter had farmed the materials they did not usually need the item.

      Additionally when you tie a BoP material in combination with a Cooldown material you are doubly limiting the creation of said item. For Epics fine if doubly restrict them, but for Blue items that get replaced after running a few heroics it is a ludicrous restriction.

      As to the no flying, so what if people were spoiled by having the convenience of flying while leveling in Cataclysm. Leveling in tBC sucked because they designed the zones, maybe not the quests but the zones with flying in mind, same with 1-60 now with flying in old world they decided to be like, lets put more hills in to make the landscape look better from the air, which is cool, but sucked while leveling to 60.

      Additionally if it is for the “story” sake, fine, I get 1 character to 90, I have seen enough of the story, now let me buy a BoA book for the rest of my character so as not to waste even more of my time forcing me to power grind to level quickly because I can’t do shit until I hit 90 as that is where all of the initial road blocks end and then the next super rep grind begins. I also don’t have the alternative option of leveling via dailies to gain faction reputation while leveling since they don’t unlock until hitting level 90.