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Elder Charm of Good Fortune – Change Suggestion

This will be short and to the point.  Here is what the Charm is today, and will along with the lesser Charms become a currency in MoP 5.1.

Elder Charm of Good Fortune

There are a few issues with the LFR loot system which is also used for the 2 current World Bosses.  The main one being that if you would win an item the second time defeating the boss you are taunted by the system showing you the loot and saying “If this had been the first time you did this you would have one this item.  Sucks to be YOU.”

The Elder Charms allow you to get an extra roll for loot on all boss kills even if you would not normally be able to loot from the boss in the case of LFR and World Bosses.  In normal and heroic it is my understanding that you can use them to get an extra chance at personal loot and not the normal drops and loot system that your raid is using.

My suggestion is that for LFR and World Bosses that the Charms are expanded to be such that in the case where you would have one item X but it was your second kill you should be able to spend the Charm to get that item and not just getting a random roll.  Hey if people then run LFR and World bosses until they get the item they want to drop for them the 2nd, 3rn, Nth time then hey that is 1 person helping others get their 1st, 2nd Nth time.

It would be a win/win, more people running LFR more regularly and then you don’t waste the 90 dailies worth of effort on gold equal to 2 dailies.

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Cataclysm in Review and Mists Examination

As I started this post before the launch of MoP, and never got to publishing it, I decide to just streamline the post where I would have each subsection a paragraph or 2, I just made it bullet points.  I am sure I will be commenting and bitching about some or most of these topics in the near future but just wanted to get the skeleton out there now.


The Bad

  • Too Linear and Phased Questing between 80-85
  • Initial Heroics and Initial Raid Tier Tuned to High for Introductory Content
  • Poor Information Reports Raid Kills – At Character and Guild Level
  • 10 & 25 on Same Raid ID – Extra Rules on Normal/Heroic/10/25 Toggles
  • Nothing to do in game other than Raid, PvP or Level and Alt

The Good

  • Complete Revamp of Primary 2 Continents in Azeroth
  • Questing between 1-60 updated to New Mechanics and Technology
  • Guild Level System and Guild Rewards
  • Have Group Will Travel added to the Game

Mists of Pandaria

The Bad

  • Have Group Will Travel removed from  the Game
  • XP Required to Level 88, 89, and 90 still a little to steep without full rested XP.
  • BoP Crafting Materials as World Drops (Motes/Spirits of Harmony)
  • No Flying Until Level 90 – On Each Character
  • Same Raiding Setup as Cataclysm so no Systematic Changes
  • World Bosses
  • Cross Realm Zones
  • Too Many Reputation Grinds that Can Only Begin at Level Cap

The Good

  • Several Mini-games added to the Game
  •  Interesting and Interactive Quests introducing you to the Story when Traveling to Pandaria
  • Quest progression somewhere between tBC and Wrath, not as linear and phased as Cata
  • Multiple Starting Raid Instances
  • The Landscape is Amazing
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