Blizzard SOP, 2 steps forward, 3 steps back

I have not posted much lately because most of the time the subjects I want to post about would end up as nothing but a stream of special characters and a few intelligible words here and there.  I despise the current trend in the MMO market to ruin good PvE systems due to PvP issues.  I am looking at both TERA and WoW on that one.

What brought me out of my silence to try and form a coherent string of words and not just raging endlessly with no good rage dump was the latest reveal about crafting.   I was actually starting to look forward to MoP again with the previous display page with Scenarios,  I am still a little bitter about Scenarios being only an end game function at the moment.  I love running the equivalent called skirmishes in LotRO to level as I hate the questing and mob grind.

I first want to rebut is the line “One system in particular is held near and dear to the hearts of the community: professions.”, I have to call a major BULLSHIT on this line here.  The crafting systems have been nothing more than a side projects and not worth a damn as far as creating anything useful since Burning Crusade Tailoring and everything since then has been a joke and over reaction due to how cool and good the crafted gear was in that expansion.

So Blizz take your BS and shove it.  Rather than actually try to stop the Botting and fighting it you just screw over everyone that likes to craft and hates to farm with your Harmonious shit.  We had the same fucking problem with Chaos Orbs in Cataclysm and this is new gimmick is just as bad.  This whole we want to encourage aka force people out into the game world is so full of bullshit there are few words to describe it.  Well even writing this much is causing me to start and rant a bit so back to keeping my trap shut for a while.

I find it sad that Tiny Tower, Pocket Planes, and several other supper cheap/free iPad games are more interesting to me than WoW, TERA or EVE.  I think it has something to do with the amount of time I have to devote to them to get something going and not have to constantly being pointing, clicking, involved.  I like how the games allow me to queue up a bunch of actions, then go do something else, much like the crafting system in Star Wars.  I am sad that I find everything else about Star Wars boring as hell but they did have the best gathering/crafting system I have seen in ages.

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