Some Time in Tera Online

So as the title suggests I have been recently playing Tera Online and it has one major thing going for it that EVE-Online also has, that when I play it I don’t feel like I am playing WoW.  This one aspect may be the main thing that gives this game some nice staying power in the US Market.

SWtoR – Felt like WoW in space with light sabers.

Rift – Felt like WoW in a permanent state of Elemental Invasions.

LotRO – Feels like WoW in Vanilla and other than a nice looking setting most everything is painful like hitting your thumb over and over with a hammer.  Also they have taken the micro transaction system a little overboard, much like DDO.

Here are some screen shots from my time in Tera.

[EasyGallery id=’teragallery1-2012-07-05′]

So as you can see the scenery and character models look really nice in the game, while not unique since Rift, SWtoR and LotRO look really nice as well, there is one major difference IMO and from what I have experienced while playing it.  The graphics while looking really good do not make my video card work anywhere near as much to display the same amount of detail as the other games.

To me this is a really strong point in favor of this game.  I decided to upgrade my 2 SLIed video cards that were a couple of years old for SWtoR to one Mid Tier video card and saw a performance increase and it stopped sounding like my computer was about to take off from all the GPU fans spinning up.  I get a nice respectable 30-60 fps while soloing and running group content in Tera and I have not had to tweak a thing.  I am not sure exactly what they are doing but I appreciate it and I suspect it has something to do with the FPS engine they are using and not the normal in house engines many of the other MMO companies seem to like to use.

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  1. Berry says:

    You might try The Secret World. Not a wow clone, and I’m quite enjoying dodging mobs, watching for pathers, and figuring out puzzles clues.