Prediction Post for WoW Expansion after MoP – Raiding

All raiding will be done with 1 size of raid, it may be 25 unlikely, 10 which is just as unlikely or somewhere in-between most likely.  My bet is on 15 as it is the size that scales the best with the dungeon content.

I know this prediction may make some in my current and one of the few remaining 25-man guilds on Elune sad but let’s be honest.

Since the beginning of Cataclysm the 25-man raiding guild and raid has been on the endangered species list for a multitude of reasons some of which I have talked about before.  I think there are 2 major ones that are easily solved by Blizzard and therefore will not happen until 12 months from now or later if ever.

  • Achievements no longer differentiated between 10 and 25 man
  • Raid lockouts made running a 10 and 25 a logistical nightmare

The second one is the key in my opinion and it all boils down to try and keep the flow of gear to a minimum to try to drag the content out longer because Blizzard can no longer develop anything on a quick time-table.  It is either blocked by Coder Time, Designer Time, or Art Time.   I am tending to believe it is the Art Department that slows everything down now, since they overlap so much or at least seem to.  There are parts of Diablo 3 that I feel like I am playing in a Protos zone and not just the Angelic High Realms, or going into an Infernal area and I keep on looking for Zerg.  The art styles are so similar in some cases that Blizzard really needs to hire more talent and start to separate the Art teams a bit more.

Anyway I just want to say this now so that when the Next Expansion Beta comes out I can say called it, or wow I was completely wrong.

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