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Some Time in Tera Online

So as the title suggests I have been recently playing Tera Online and it has one major thing going for it that EVE-Online also has, that when I play it I don’t feel like I am playing WoW.  This one aspect

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MoP Even Less Friendly to Alts than Cata Was!!!

I am so disgusted with what looks to be coming in MoP I just don’t know if I even want to level 1 character in it now.  This is coming from someone who has 13 85s on 2 accounts. I

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Prediction Post for WoW Expansion after MoP – Raiding

All raiding will be done with 1 size of raid, it may be 25 unlikely, 10 which is just as unlikely or somewhere in-between most likely.  My bet is on 15 as it is the size that scales the best with the

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