Frak You Blizzard – Wisdom(Stupidity) of the Four Winds

As anyone who has followed this blog or read some of the archives knows travel and not wasting time traveling in World of Warcraft or any of the MMOs that I play is a main goal of mine.  On top of that this is yet another FU to alt-o-holics, that must yet again pay up obscene sums of in-game currency to make their characters effective at level cap yet again.

I honestly don’t know if I really want to even level characters in MoP now.

Oh and Wisdom of the Four Winds as per MMO-Champion – Once you reach level 90, which was unlocked in this patch, you are able to purchase Wisdom of the Four Winds from a flight trainer for 2,500 gold. This will allow you to use flying mounts in Pandaria!

Raiding – Not really changing same bull shit design that we have had for Cataclysm and the last half of Wrath.
Dungeons – Same basic design as Cata and really all of WoW, so no real improvements there.
Scenarios – Basically LotRO Skirmishes however only at level cap not open to levels 20+ like in LotRO where you can level by running them.
Pet Battles – Can’t Test but just a side mini game so while fun and a good distraction if I can’t battle while waiting for a boat or on a flight path just another time sync.
Farming – While cool idea and I plan on whoring it as much as possible if I do play MoP, not a reason to actually keep playing if everything else is uninteresting.

I already have a game I pay to not play, it is called EVE-Online, and I can at least progress my characters skill abilities while being offline so there is a reason to keep paying even if I don’t play in-game much.

We also have had most portals removed, for bogus bullshit reasons, we have flight removed while leveling so they can add another Gold Sink which is just a level up penalty because Flying is a MUST HAVE at level cap if you want any chance of doing any type of gathering.

We have them making travel more of a pain in the ass every expansion after Lagarath and Lagaran because they don’t want the entire player base concentrating in one part of the world.

News flash idiots at Blizzard, if you want the player base spread out so not to over load the server and cause lag, make it quick easy and convenient to travel not harder.

I have said so much on the subject I just don’t give a damn anymore, as it is now there is nothing really drawing me into MoP other than just to play with the IRL and in-game friends that I have made over the years.  But being bitter about the expansion will not help that situation.

** Edit **

Also I don’t know whether to be pissed or proud that I am blocked by @warcraft on Twitter, considering several of the people at blizzard that I follow on Twitter have not blocked me and I am still following Blizzcon, Starcraft, Diablo, BlizzardCS it is strange that only Warcraft is blocking me???

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2 comments on “Frak You Blizzard – Wisdom(Stupidity) of the Four Winds
  1. goldengod says:

    on the other hand, 2500 gold is likely a fairly trivial figure at level 90 and will probably be almost (if not fully) gathered while leveling to 90, right? If not, there are lots of new dailies being added in MoP and if wowhead is to be trusted they award almost 20g and there isn’t a daily quest cap anymore.

    So, even if you had 0 gold when you hit 90 it’d take you 125 dailies, or 5 days under the old cap limit if your only gold source was daily quest rewards.

    It’s certainly a gold sink, but not too much of a burden, even for people with alts.

    Feels like the old northrend flying license was more of a burden than this.

    • Malchome says:

      I understand that is will not be a problem to gain the gold, I am just sick and tired of having to spend it for a new flying “ability” just for the expansion. If you can fly you can fly.

      It was lame in Northrend and it is even more lame in MoP.