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Waiting for Titan

So I have been keeping up on the MoP information that has been coming out and logging into the Beta from time to time, however given what is there now I am not really all that excited to play MoP.

Don’t get me wrong I think MoP will be a good expansion for WoW but at this time there is nothing really all that interesting being implemented that will keep me as anything but an uber uber casual player.  I would like to give the Pet Battles and Farming mini games a try, however those are not implemented yet to any real extent.  Only a few that trained pet battles on the first few days of the Beta even have the skill…..


I like Diablo 3 and will be grinding away at if to weeks to come just to get to 60 and buy the cool armor on the AH.  I have absolutely no interest in playing the hardest mode and only started to have fun in Nightmare after I spent a bloody fortune on the AH to get gear such that Act3 Nightmare for the most part plays like Act3/4 Normal.  Going from 1250 Damage to 2000 was that big of a difference.


Several other Bloggers have recently be talking about the gamification and or workification of games when comparing reward design in WoW, D3 and other games.  It seems like game companies are only willing to implement 1 of 2 reward paradigms.  The old lottery, slot machine mechanic where everything is a random drop and you either are lucky enough to win or you are not.  The other which I have always been a strong advocate for as an alternative progression system, note not the main, is the point/token system where every kill/action rewards some sort of currency with which to buy the item with.  This has failed because they do not implement both systems in parallel, well I take that back they did implement it for 2 raids, ToC and ICC, oh weren’t they also the most successful raids as far as number of raiders taking them on, ya they were, I wonder if that may be a subtle factor, not a main but a contributory.


Now the MoP reward system with the new loot rolling mechanics may just be the best solution out of it all but we will have to wait and see.


Anyway I think it may just be expansion burnout talking but given the current and near future gaming /MMO market I have to say that I am just waiting for Blizzard’s Project Titan which will hopefully actually take the best of all of the current gen MMOs and interesting things from similar games and wrap it into one bundle.

Also lets hope Blizzard hires some more/new artists for this project, I am tired of everything looking like a WoW or Starcraft clone, I am looking at you Act 4 Diablo.

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Frak You Blizzard – Wisdom(Stupidity) of the Four Winds

As anyone who has followed this blog or read some of the archives knows travel and not wasting time traveling in World of Warcraft or any of the MMOs that I play is a main goal of mine.  On top of that this is yet another FU to alt-o-holics, that must yet again pay up obscene sums of in-game currency to make their characters effective at level cap yet again.

I honestly don’t know if I really want to even level characters in MoP now.

Oh and Wisdom of the Four Winds as per MMO-Champion – Once you reach level 90, which was unlocked in this patch, you are able to purchase Wisdom of the Four Winds from a flight trainer for 2,500 gold. This will allow you to use flying mounts in Pandaria!

Raiding – Not really changing same bull shit design that we have had for Cataclysm and the last half of Wrath.
Dungeons – Same basic design as Cata and really all of WoW, so no real improvements there.
Scenarios – Basically LotRO Skirmishes however only at level cap not open to levels 20+ like in LotRO where you can level by running them.
Pet Battles – Can’t Test but just a side mini game so while fun and a good distraction if I can’t battle while waiting for a boat or on a flight path just another time sync.
Farming – While cool idea and I plan on whoring it as much as possible if I do play MoP, not a reason to actually keep playing if everything else is uninteresting.

I already have a game I pay to not play, it is called EVE-Online, and I can at least progress my characters skill abilities while being offline so there is a reason to keep paying even if I don’t play in-game much.

We also have had most portals removed, for bogus bullshit reasons, we have flight removed while leveling so they can add another Gold Sink which is just a level up penalty because Flying is a MUST HAVE at level cap if you want any chance of doing any type of gathering.

We have them making travel more of a pain in the ass every expansion after Lagarath and Lagaran because they don’t want the entire player base concentrating in one part of the world.

News flash idiots at Blizzard, if you want the player base spread out so not to over load the server and cause lag, make it quick easy and convenient to travel not harder.

I have said so much on the subject I just don’t give a damn anymore, as it is now there is nothing really drawing me into MoP other than just to play with the IRL and in-game friends that I have made over the years.  But being bitter about the expansion will not help that situation.

** Edit **

Also I don’t know whether to be pissed or proud that I am blocked by @warcraft on Twitter, considering several of the people at blizzard that I follow on Twitter have not blocked me and I am still following Blizzcon, Starcraft, Diablo, BlizzardCS it is strange that only Warcraft is blocking me???

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