MoP,D3, Titan – A few random thoughts

I don’t have anything really important to express or complain about at this point that I have not already beaten to into the ground, resurrected it, and beat it down again.  So I just want to add a few small thoughts and comments on a few games and stuff from Blizzard.



I don’t have much more to say on this aspect until level 90 opens up and we start to see how scenarios, heroics and entry-level raid content looks like.  Really just to see if the encounter designers have yet again screw up the game and the model that the class and system designers have worked on.  I think in the end the encounter designers are given way too much freedom or leeway when it comes to designing the boss encounters.   Hell come to think of it the Diablo Difficulty mode and boss/elite encounters and mobs have the scaling I have bitched about needing to be in WoW boss encounters for ages.

And to top it all off the elite mobs are randomly generated and do a better job than the overly scripted crap that is spewed out to us in WoW.

 The more I think about that the more it makes my blood boil at the encounter design process for WoW.  Don’t get me wrong some of the combinations are horrific and should not be in anything over a 5 man but still the encounter design is so dynamic in Diablo it makes WoW look like a high school senior graduation project compared to a professional grade product.

Since Elite mobs in normal get 1 ability, 2 in Nightmare, 4+ in higher, this is the same scaling I was suggesting for WoW with multiple levels of boss difficulty and allow the raid to decide how difficult they want to make the fight.


Diablo 3

Now I understand the design decisions that went into making D3 an always internet live game, and rightfully so some of the player base is pissed about it.  I still think they could have made a solo offline play mode and LAN play mode available for those that wanted to have it and will hopefully be added in future patches/expansions.

As long as the character you play in solo/LAN play is not able to be used in competition and Battle.Net play I do not see the issue with having these features added.  Hell it would be cool to also have a download copy of the Battle.Net character to your sandbox play if you want to work tinker with stuff.


Titan and future D3 and WoW Expansions


The art and graphics in the games are beautiful don’t get me wrong here.  But it always seems that the excuse as to why we can’t have this thing or that thing is that there is limited art and other development resources.  Well I can believe that completely because in Act 4 in Diablo 3, I had flashbacks and was not sure if I was playing Diablo, a Protos SC2 map/game or running around the Exodar or in the Burning Crusade.  The point is Blizzard has too small of an art department or maybe too few lead artists such that all of their product art is starting to merge because the same people are overworked on too many different game products.

For the sake of Titan when developing your art style and core art objects please make sure they are completely different and new when compared to your other current Intellectual Properties.  Your artists are great but you need to get some more styles and perspectives in the core assets for future expansions and settings especially.

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