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Well for as negitive I may get in this post I want to state that I will be playing MoP and most likely just playing Pokemon and Farmville just the WoW versions thereof.


Flying Mounts!!!

Now in the long run I don’t mind leveling, I have 13 level 85s and 2 others above 50 that will be level cap by the time MoP comes out.  The one thing that has always been one of my sticking points with leveling is how annoying traveling becomes especially after the first time through the content.  Traveling is even maybe a little interesting the second time but not really many times after that.

Now with Beta I can fully understand no flying until level cap.  As they want to tightly control what areas we can access and when while testing.  However when the game goes live the ban on flying mounts should be lifted, and I don’t mean just at level cap.

But knowing Blizzard it will be so I will say this.  When 1 character on an account unlocks flying in Pandaria all other characters on a player’s account should have flying unlocked.  Then for the first time through the content characters are Railroaded through the content as Blizzard wants but then afterward we the players should then be free to explore where we want in what order we want.

The side effect if this limitation is not lifted then you will get the following to occur.

A few people or at least the first wave of people will level up straight as fast as they can.  Then some will get into dungeons at level cap to gear up for Heroics and Raiding, but others will take advantage of their new-found advantage over the other 10s and 100s of thousands still leveling up and start farming all the resource nodes in the new continent.   So while the average player is questing as Blizzard has Decreed and see a resource node in their questing path and go for it only to have a level 90 swoop down and take the node.  Gee thanks maybe if it was free for all pvp that would be ok because then we could at least snipe at the assholes on both factions but since we are not EVE-Online that will be nothing more than a pain in the ass.


Warrior Rage Mechanics

Up until this point in the game the warrior when filling either DPS or Tanking roles ends up being like a Dynamo, they are slow to start but build up and keep going and going, because with earlier rage mechanics they always had a constant stream of rage building.  With the new rage mechanics it always feels like the start of a fight or always in a rage starvation state.  I imagine that Bears  would feel the same way as both classes/specs use rage.

I really think this because they are a one resource based class.  One resource works if it is like Mana where you have a very large reserve and can choose to burn it all quickly for a lot of burst or do a slow burn.  All I know is that with current Rage gain tuning for DPS and most likely Tanking needs to change.  All I know is that my Warrior as they are at the moment will not be a class I choose to play often.  I will get it to level cap and then most likely let it collect dust other than for crafting.


Active Tanking Model

Along the same vein as the Warrior Rage Mechanics I am completely disgusted by the Warrior Active Tanking Model and looking at the Guardian model it seems to be about the same.  I am sure the Monk and DK version works as they are being developed from the ground up with an active tanking model.  The Warrior, Bear, and Paladin feel like all they did was take some of the survivability that was normally there and removed it and added some buttons to press to give it back on a limited basis with massive resource requirements.  Great so now we suck more by default and have to spend all our time gathering resources just to get our previous survivability back.

On a similar note I don’t really know why we need to make our tanking more active, it is not like we don’t have enough to keep track of at the moment.

  1. Boss Positioning for Environmental Effects
  2. Boss Positioning for Melee not to stand in #1
  3. Keep Threat on the Boss
  4. Look for Adds
  5. Perform #1 & #2 with adds if Off Tank or Tank all the above and keep threat on them all.
  6. Any other special encounter mechanics that fall on the tank to perform, may include interrupt rotation.
  7. On top of 1-6 Tanks end up leading groups a lot of the time so have Group Management to perform some or most of the time.

Now we also have to keep track of a buff, debuff or other mechanics just to keep our mitigation and survivability on top of all the above.

Thanks a lot Blizzard, I can say in MoP I am done tanking, and I now have 4-5 Tanks.


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2 comments on “MoP – More General Feedback
  1. Jonathan says:

    I don’t see any issue with the flight changes. Yeah, it’s a massive drop in convenience, but really, it’s not like it’s a new concept. Cataclysm was the first time you could get flight for new content without being near max level. Obviously there was no flying in vanilla and you had to be toward the end of leveling content in both BC and Wrath to get flight and the issues you’re complaining about were never really that bad.

    Besides, allowing flight in Pandaria from the get go isn’t going to change anything about node farming. If nothing else, you’re just going to have MORE assholes dropping in on that node you wanted. A level 90 is going to poach a noad from a level 86 regardless, because what’s the 86 going to do about it? But a level 86 with flight is much more likely to poach another level 86 without it because they’re more likely to be able to get away. Hell, I’ve poached guys a few levels above me before in places like Deepholm because I know with swift flight form, I could get in and out before the guy would have a chance to do a thing about it.

  2. Malchome says:

    As for BC and Wrath leveling and gathering nodes, it really depends upon what server you are on. For BC I was mostly leveling on a lower population RP server. For Wrath I had moved to a higher population PVE server and during wrath it was a real pain while leveling and trying to gather at the same time. Made much worse when you could not fly until 80 and there were many 80 gathering non stop.

    I see no reason to restrict flying to level cap to begin with. I can partially accept their bogus quest flow story telling reason and will accept it for the first character, but after that no, no reason whats so ever. Other than to just increase leveling and travel time for the sake of making the world feel larger.

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