Repost : Tanking, Threat, and Fun

I am re-posting this blog article from September of last year out of my Google Reader Cache since the original was lost when the server went kaput.

Tanking, Threat, and Fun

from Malchome’s Mind on Gaming by Malchome

So I finished reading the Dev Water Cooler about threat, I must say that most of the concepts I agree with and I am hopeful that they will turn out well.

Before I get into Tanking and Threat, let me bring up one change I found out about last night that had me swearing a bit in a random I was running.  There are very few things that I find “fun” in the game at the moment.  I find many thing entertaining and can hold my attention but most I would not consider just fun.  One of the really pure fun in a devious sort of way was a trick I learned in The Vortex Pinnacle.  You see these really annoying mobs called Minister’s of Air that can knock you back and over the edge depending upon placement and then will stand there and spam lightning bolts every about .5 seconds for what seems 10 seconds, they are a real annoying pain in the ass.  Well when I was leveling and gearing my Priest, I would have laughing fits when I would Mind Control them and run them over the side of the walkways, thus killing them and getting rid of them.  This no longer works, they now re-spawn with full health.  Now I do not see what is so game breaking with actually using your class abilities to defeat an encounter.  I have long said that if you want use to play the game a certain way Blizzard to tell us the strategy we should use.  If you just nerf this type of play and make our abilities worthless then why are they still in the fucking game.

So since you refuse to let us use Mind Control effectively then just remove it.  The alternative would be to make it like fear/enslave demon so that the priest has a pet to use for a short time.  But as a channeled CC it is bullshit.

Ok back to the tanking.

Ya tanking is not fun in Cataclysm due to the threat problems and it is even worse when you have a new fresh tank and are grouped up with a bunch of characters in T11/12 gear, when the tank has an average iLvl of 330.  But then this was a foreseeable issue because as you say it is just a numbers issue.  Many of us would like to see an expansion where the game does not have to be redesigned every content patch, at least for the issues that are just numbers.  Honestly I would rather see threat stay the same and have boss mechanics simplified but your elite and very vocal minority in the game will bitch and moan too much.

Well this is turning into a post of tangents.

On to the topics of Warrior and Druid Tanking and Active Defensive abilities.

If the tanking classes are going to get a bit of an overhaul and new abilities are going to be added or existing modified, mayhap we should also look at removing some.  I have always considered some classes, Druid, Rogue, DK as having too many abilities, and I really started to think about it more seriously after the post on WoWInsider about the 5×2 initiative,×2/.  I really think this is something all classes could use a working over on in the next expansion.  Essentially review abilities and make it such that they would fit this model.  I will say this much if you want to use your full range of abilities as a druid, priest, DK, warrior, rogue it is not really possible unless you do some extensive game modding and/or macros.

Anyway the changes that GC mentions in the Dev Water Cooler blog post for Warrior and Druid worry me.  Theactive mechanics for DK work for 1 reason they are a 2 resource tank.  Paladins are a 1.5 at the moment because they really only have 1 reliable way to stack holy points.  For it to really work for the rage based classes as rage being something to be managed, there needs to be a way to reliably generate rage.  This is achievable if you divide all the Warrior/Feral abilities into 2 or 3 categories.  The simpler Rage Negative/Rage Positive breakdown or the slightly more expanded Rage Negative/Rage Positive/Rage Neutral abilities.  Rage Neutral just means that the abilities use rage to activate and in general generate the same amount of rage that they consume, crits could affect this depending upon design.  This is important because the most frustrating thing with my Warrior and Feral Druid is the beginning of the fight being rage starved and then having to work the entire fight to attempt to keep threat because I can not generate it enough when not being hit and or dodging or parrying.

I can’t really say more on the subject until more details are released but I know they will make things work, I am just not certain it will be fun.

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2 comments on “Repost : Tanking, Threat, and Fun
  1. hercdeisel says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at how prescient your two-resource comments are. The fact that active tanking made it to beta for the one resource tanks, despite this pretty clear problem is a bit troubling. Hopefully something more is in the works or rage tanks look to be head to either non-viability or one-button macro tanking.

    • Malchome says:

      Ya I have been having similar reactions to many of the issues in Cata and now MoP. I and others called for something like Savage Defense in the Wrath Beta when the Bear Armor and HP NERF was first applied.

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