Repost: Cataclysm first 10 Months Raiding Review

Cataclysm 4.0 – 4.2.0a : 10 months of Burning

from Malchome’s Mind on Gaming by Malchome

This is not going to be a positive post, I really wish it was, but it will not be.

I was never a raider in Vanilla, that is most likely a good thing.  Given how it was described I would have dropped the game and most likely would not have looked back.  I may have rejoined during Wrath but neither happened so can’t say for sure.

Now to start looking at the current raiding Data here is a table that is mostly up to date as of August 15 2011.

Normal Mode Raiding Start 10 End 10 Start 25 End 25
Tier 9 86187 84044 58801 52903
Tier 10 84136 48523 59356 11567
Tier 11 57998 23261 5145 1775
Tier 12 22101 6263 3438 1484

To make the numbers easier to understand here are a few charts based off the data.

Normal Mode Raiding Tier 9 - 12

  • Purple – Start 10 Man
  • Blue – End 10 Man
  • Yellow – Start 25 Man
  • Beige – End 25 Man

So what has this chart told us, that after the success of raiding that was WotLK, as far as getting player into raiding and completing content was completely and totally killed with the cataclysm.  The other interesting thing to see was that those 25 man guilds that survived about 2 in 3 stayed together between 4.0 and 4.2.

No admittedly the numbers are skewed when comparing previous tiers to the current tier as the current tier is not yet finished.  However if you look at the overall trends they show that for normal mode the general trend for completion is about the same.  The most disturbing numbers that should be taken from this, given that WoW started Raiding at 40 man and then went to 25 for the previous 2 expansions is now a 10 man raiding game for the most part.  9 out of 10 guilds that started Tier 10 – ICC did not even attempt the first tier in Cataclysm, Tier 11.

I don’t know what Blizzards goal for Cataclysm raiding was prior to the release. All I can say is that something went horribly, horribly wrong. My 2 cents on the subject which I have ranted about on this blog before, is that it was the first tuning of content on an ENTRY Tier or raiding for the new expansion killed guilds. Every expansion the content difficulty needs to have a reset. The first Tier or raiding will need to have content to introduce raiding concepts to the masses anew. This is good for both new and old players alike. The veteran players may bitch about how easy the content is but when you don’t have such a reset you will most likely see a drop off like we saw with Cataclysm. Honestly though with 90% of 25 man guilds disbanding or giving up on raiding, there very well may be no going back.

Lissanna, my wife, ya we got married last month, might hate this idea but it needs to be said. Given some of the comments and feed back that I saw from MMO-Champions blue tracker, in the next expansion 10 and 25 man raids should be done away with and just make it 15 man raiding.

The other option would be to actually put some constraints on the content design.

Not every boss has to be brand new and unique. Hell if you need to take mechanics from a couple of different bosses and make it a new combination of abilities that is good. Also every tier needs a few Patchwork / Tank & Spank bosses. Even if you have to pad them out. There needs to be more fights where you don’t have to be running at 100-110% every second or the raid wipes. That is what heroic modes are for. Also if bosses have more levels of difficulty than normal and stupid hard heroic mode then it will allow for a smoother more consistent flow of progressions.

When I started thinking about this post, I was planning to go all fire and brimstone on the content. However after the wedding and not raiding for several weeks, I have come to realize that I just don’t give a damn. I am done raiding until 4.3 or the next expansion. I just do not find the current raiding scene or really anything in the game enjoyable anymore, other than playing with alts when I feel like it and making Gold. But even then the limits on crafting materials are so stupid that the crafting profession scene is not even available. Oh and ZA and ZG can go straight to hell, of course when you run them for the 1000th time it feels like you are there. God Dammit Blizzard at least if you make a new tier of dungeons and make it so that it is the only thing you want to run to make it the optimal at least make them quick and make sure there are more than 2 dungeons. ToC5 was hell because it was the same thing over and over and over. The 3 with ICC were cool but HoR was a wHoRe unless you completely out geared it.

Hell by the sounds of it I am tired of playing the secret pre-pre-pre-alpha of Titan, the game called World of Warcraft.  I think I am now waiting on Diablo 3 and Titan.

Blizzard has already created the 2 mechanics to create the best raiding, which would surpass all of their earlier Tiers.  All they have to do is combine the multiple levels of difficulty found in the Ulduar Bosses and combine it with the 5% progressive buff that came out with ICC and capped out at 25% over 6 months (0,5,10,15,20,25)%, which means by the time the next tier of raiding comes out the previous tier has between a 15% and 25% overall buff.

Well this went off on a couple of different tangents but I really don’t have much more to say on the subject.  I will just have to wait until details about 4.3 starts to come out.

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