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MoP Beta Data First Thoughts

Well first segment of data about what is coming soon in MoP and the Beta has hit the webs this week.  While being really busy for various reasons this past week or so here are a few of my first reactions.


No real changes which is unfortunate because raiding in Cataclysm sucked and sucked hard for the majority of the player base.  The most recent raid Dragon Soul was better designed in many ways than Firelands especially for the LFR version however was a failure for normal and heroic difficulty.  I am not talking about encounters here I am talking about raid design and how the LFR was 2 separate raid instances and the normal/heroic were only 1.

Tier 11 if it was not for the encounter difficult for the entry raid Tier of an expansion was the best overall raid Tier design that Blizzard has done since T5 & T6.  It looks like the entry Tier will be similar in set up to T11.  So the only thing that will screw up this entry tier is if the encounter difficulty is set too high for the bosses, since we will have static difficulty within a mode setting, i.e. LFR, 10N, 10H, 25N, 25H.  I do not have a link to the quote and if I find it later I will link to it later.

However about this issue it is still not too late.  If Blizzard really wants to make raiding good again there is only 1 option and it will suck initially for everyone but it is the best thing they could do.

MAKE ALL RAIDS 1 SIZE – 15 Man Raids FTW!!!


MAKE 10 AND 25 Man Raids on



Traveling & Groups

This has been an issue that I have harped on for a very, very long time.  I even went so far to as to make Flight Point Node Graphs in Wrath when bitching about it and got a mostly Finished Alliance one before Cata Beta ended.  I know Blizzard employees play other games but have they actually looked at what players in the other games are bitching about most of the time.

There are 2 Features that Warcraft has right now that the majority of the SW:ToR player base is begging and asking for.

  1. LFG – Because spamming trade is so Vanilla WoW and EQ

I don’t really understand this decision, I rank it up there in epic stupidity like cutting about 600 support employees right before launching 4 major fucking releases in a year.  It was completely and totally fucking short-sighted.

If you want players to get out into the world and see it then incentive us to do it and or make it worth our time.  Maybe also extend the global channels that are tied to cities to be truly global will help.  But if all the major services you need are only in Cities then you will only stay in Cities because it is the most convenient place to be.

Maybe open up, Auction House, Bank, Guild Bank, Trainers Class and Profession in more places so that the player base can spread themselves out with out the pain in the ass travel in between.

And while we are on the subject, it is time for Blizzard to change the Hearth stone system to be like the similar service in SW:ToR and not hearthing to one location let us choose from all of the available points we have already synced with on at least a continental level.


Everything Else

Given Beta has now just started all of the class and other stuff will change rapidly as tons of players start to tinker with them.  I will save talking about them at a later time.

One last thought on the wave invite process.  I hope that they do not go solely by start date.  If someone started at day one and took 12 months off over the course of the game they should not get in before someone who joined 6 months in with no account lapse time.


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A few good Posts I have found.

While I have been interested in these topics, while contemplating how I would want to phrase my opinions and ideas I have come across a couple of posts by others that fall near 100% what I would say anyway.  So rather than just posting the same thing in similar words, I am pointing everyone to their words.


EVE Online – Ship Rebalancing


Star Wars : The Old Republic – Legacy System


Honestly due to the drawbacks on the Legacy System with a character limit of 8 and the legacy is Server specific I will most likely be spinning down my SWToR account for 6-months to a year just because while I like the game there is just nothing in there really causing me to want to level to cap.

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