SW:ToR the Unexpected

So I have started to write this post several times and each time change the title and or content.  So this is going to be a hopefully brief post to get a few Ideas/Thoughts/Opinions out there and I may elaborate on them in time.

Sometimes with games I get a type of all-consuming obsession to understand and explore a game or story.  It also happens with books, like when I read the first 4 books of the game of thrones back to back.  Having played one weekend of the SWToR beta I was not expecting for the trigger to occur with the release version of the game.  However the early game which feels and plays like tBC or Wrath wow in a starting zone is very different by the time you get off the starting planet.

In every game I play I always experiment with the crafting system and the crafting/modding system is usually what will give me many times the play value than the actual story line in the game.  Hell I would be all over EVE as a crafter if the resource gathering was not so risky and time consuming.  However the Everyone Versus Everyone nature of EVE discourages me from being anything other than a hanger jockey really.

WoW crafting has not really had any fundamental changes to it since Burning Crusade when they introduced specializations to several crafting professions other than Leather Working and Blacksmithing.  Too add insult to injury the BoP materials required for crafting has limited the system even more, not to mention screw up the AH.

I am still not sure where I am going with ToR or WoW at this point.  ToR still has a lot of bugs, but since it is new those will hopefully be fixed.  I have decided to cancel one of my 2 WoW accounts for now.  Whether I spin it up again will depend upon MoP Beta and maybe what other changes Blizzard implements in the mean time.  I am also completely surprised by my 180 or maybe it is a 90 degree change along a new dimensional axis. I was really enjoying the new content in 4.3 and then I got into ToR and honestly don’t care a bit about WoW content at the moment.  I am very happy for my guild getting a 8/8 kill in Dragon Soul and maybe starting Heroics soon, however I personally have no interest in Hard Mode content.

Regardless I think 2012 is going to be an interesting year in gaming.  With what looks like a real viable contender in the MMO market with ToR, Blizzard will actually have to get its ass moving for a change and maybe make “Soon”, either “Now” or at least a given time-table rather than some amorphous blob of time.

The content and feature war that is now starting should be interesting and in the end We the Players win either way.

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