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So I complete missed something with 4.3 and the massive amount of dungeons I was running and then focusing on Star Wars.

Whose stupid fucking decision was it at blizzard to keep DS as 1 entire raid for normal and heroic.

You had the perfect bloody design with the LFR and having 2 instances.  That should have been continued with DS Normal Heroic.  All I have to say is get your shit together for MoP, it is your last chance, hell it may be too late already.  I missed that point because given how you did T11 with BWD, Tot4W and BT then you were returning to that design with T13.

This was a stupid god damn design for your middle of the road guilds given the shared normal/heroic/10/25 man lockouts.  I can not believe how stupid your design has been with the entirety of Cataclysm End Game.  additionally you screw over guild progression because your bloody data reporting on the guild api does not actually give real boss statics on kills with your inability to identify between a 10 and 25 man guild group.  You make wow progress and all of your support community that actually make your game as big of a success as it is have to jump through convoluted hoops due to your lack of foresight.

I blame myself for being so completely pissed about this, I thought with the 4.3 dungeon design the developers had finally got their heads out of their asses.  I guess you need to loose another 1 – 2 million subscribers due to boredom  or hitting their head against the wall because there is no where to progress due to all the fucking restrictions you have placed on raiding.

I am so glad that Star Wars has a good single play story-line as it actually gives me something to do, that is not running boring dailies over and over for months.

And a clip to further express my feelings on this.

Fast Tube
Fast Tube by Casper

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