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Vision of a new Encounter Paradigm – Repost/Update

Since this blog was about as heavily effected by the server FUBAR that occurred when had issues most of my posts lost the pictures associated with them.  This was unfortunate and given my limited readership restoring or messing with any of the posts I was able to salvage was not a high priority.  Making sure Lissanna’s blog was up and running well was first priority.

With the WoW-Insider linkage about the Pandaren mount I have decided to go and update the images to I think one of my better posts.

Visions of a new Encounter Paradigm

I am in some ways a hardcore player as in I dive into the mechanics of the game and many of the systems.  I am also casual because I find most raiding environments to be annoying, because reflex and dancing challenges I don’t find interesting.  These 2 encounter components are the major way that game designers have decided to make encounter complex and difficult.  So I find my self running dungeons most of the time and or leveling alts.

Anyway I hope some may find he Paradigm described in my prior post interesting.  I know parts of it have been bubbling around the blog-o-sphere for a long time now.

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Pandaren Mount – My 2 Copper

This will be short and simple.

I think the Pandaren Mount should be a small 2 wheeled cart pulled by a donkey/mule and on the cart is a large keg of brew and the Pandaren or any of the other races ride on top of the brew keg.

I contacted a friend that is an artist and got them to sketch up the image below.

Ginny Higerd /

Panda on Keg on Cart pulled by Beast

So this post got a little messed up, not sure why it lost many of the edits I made, I think some of the Jetpack features were acting up.  Anyway the change of a Donkey/Mule to the Ram/Yak like creature from the starting zone above was suggested by Ginny and I thought was a better idea since it seems like it will be a creature found in Pandaria or at least the Pandaren start zone.

Additionally I think even if this was not the Pandaren mount it would be cool as a special mount, maybe even a new Brewfest mount that is bought with tokens, Not the Random Drop PoS system we have now for Brewfest mounts.  The cool think would be that the Beast of Burden changes based upon race of the character riding it.  It would be replaced with the racial mount of the character.  Even cooler would be to make it a special 2 part mount that you select which mount you already own pulls the Keg.


Updates after WoW Insider linkage, the artist Ginny wanted to update the design a bit with these 2 pictures. These are thumbnails linking to her picture postings of them.

Also either there will be a Yak mount of some kind in MoP or we are getting Pony Trolled ala GC via this one tweet.
@mahoumelonball @blizzardcs @warcraft @malchomemog Have we shown off the yak mounts already? Cause that’s crazy close. Good job!
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Remove Int Leather, Mail, Plate and Spirit Gear

I saw the below thread on MMO-Champion’s Blue Tracker and it I something I have thought about for a long time, especially with the addition of Monks in MoP.

I was honestly stumped on the issue until recently.  What changed you ask?  I started to play Star Wars and concepts I had thought were set in stone were changed, different and worked in The Old Republic.

What is different for those that don’t play ToR?   Well simply there is only 1 healing class that uses anything like Mana, that is the Jedi Sage healing spec, with mana being Force.  I will state now that I think one of the biggest design mistakes still in World of Warcraft given what has been said is coming in MoP is the reliance on Mana as a resource system.  Hell look at Diablo 3 even and yes we have Mana/Arcane Power like systems but then they get modified to be a little different from each other.

In ToR the Smuggler healing spec heals and has mechanics like a Rogue it was when I was healing my companion with a smuggler that I saw the realm of possibilities open up and how Blizzard has been gimping themselves for so long being tied to Mana, Mana, Mana like EQ.  I realize with how behind every project at Blizzard seems to be at the moment that this change will most likely not occur until the expansion after MoP if ever but there are many other and some better ways that Blizzard could do core mechanics and stats.

Additionally I think a new base stat would need to be added to the mix but maybe not at first.

We would then have the following for Primary stats.

Strength Plate – Warrior, Death Knight, Paladin

Agility Mail – Hunter, Shaman

Agility Leather – Rogue, Druid, Monk

Int Cloth – Mage, Warlock, Priest

The shared slots like Rings, Necks, Cloaks and Trinkets would then only have secondary stats on them and could then be more role specific not class specific.

By making the gear system simpler it also allows greater control over tuning of each spec and over all power balance across classes within a role.  Resto Druids a little behind on the overall Healing output, just tune the Agility to Healing Power Ratio slightly.  The same would be for any of the other healing classes in the Primary Ability to Spell/Healing Power conversion Ratios.  Additionally like melee classes have primary -> Attack Power everything in the end should be based on the Healing, Spell, Melee, Ranged Power and not to the Primary Stats on the character or Weapon.

I have already ranted a bit about my annoyance of using weapon damage ranges and not the universal DPS figure that already takes swing speed into account.

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