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Sub Cancel Post-Mortem 1

I am ultimately a casual alt-o-holic that likes to craft gear for my army of alts.  I get bored when playing any one character too exclusively for any major length of time.  I have been mostly playing one of my Paladins primarily lately and until the Subscriptions end for a couple of reasons.

1) The character is Human +10% Rep = Win where dailies are the only way to get rep and dailies suck.

2) The dailies in many cases are a major pain in the ass if you do not have at a minimum, the mitigation of a non-tanking plate wearer.  The mobs just hit too damn hard for content that is supposed to be completable solo and when not geared in full 463 blues or even epics.

That is it about why I play that character over the Mage, Priest, Druid, and Warrior that I also have at 90.

So now that the summary is out-of-the-way let’s get into what I really don’t like about MoP, and the following statement sums up pretty much all the current end game content.

It is not worth my time.

Or to elaborate a little.

The amount of effort and time required to get just 1 character ready for LFR and the crafting patterns I would want to use to gear up that and future characters is too great that by the time I would get there with my gaming habits I would not need the rewards.

This second part is pretty much the one problem I have found with every god damn MMO.  For some unexplained reason the ability to craft useful gear for the level your character is at only occurs if you are raiding at end game and you can get a raid drop crafting pattern.  Every other item made is damn near useless or you have better obtained via another method first.

I will end here for now, the next one I may grump about will most likely be travel and the corpse running annoyances.


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MoP – 2 Subscriptions Canceled – I have a job and I don’t need one in game

So this post was originally going to be how there is so much content now to do at 90 but with so little actually having real synergies that nothing is worth doing.

After reading BBB’s post “Does Blizzard hate their players?”, it made me think about all the little things that have pissed me off about this expansion.  It is an expansion that I like at least story wise for the most part and I like how for once the game is not super depressing which after Wrath and Cataclysm, let’s be honest the game has been a downer for years.  I like the farm and the pet battle systems but liking some of the mini-games when the main part of the game makes you hate it, it was time to re-evaluate my subscriptions.  I may keep the accounts open with time codes but that will be on a needed basis based upon how I feel about the game at that time.

I could go on about some of the things that annoy me with the game at the moment to bring this on but honestly I am too pissed and will just spit acid and have nothing constructive to give as feedback.  I will follow this up in a few days when I am cooler and calmer.

It just amazes me how Blizzard can do so many things really well and then just completely fuck it up with a few stupid design choices.

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Elder Charm of Good Fortune – Change Suggestion

This will be short and to the point.  Here is what the Charm is today, and will along with the lesser Charms become a currency in MoP 5.1.

Elder Charm of Good Fortune

There are a few issues with the LFR loot system which is also used for the 2 current World Bosses.  The main one being that if you would win an item the second time defeating the boss you are taunted by the system showing you the loot and saying “If this had been the first time you did this you would have one this item.  Sucks to be YOU.”

The Elder Charms allow you to get an extra roll for loot on all boss kills even if you would not normally be able to loot from the boss in the case of LFR and World Bosses.  In normal and heroic it is my understanding that you can use them to get an extra chance at personal loot and not the normal drops and loot system that your raid is using.

My suggestion is that for LFR and World Bosses that the Charms are expanded to be such that in the case where you would have one item X but it was your second kill you should be able to spend the Charm to get that item and not just getting a random roll.  Hey if people then run LFR and World bosses until they get the item they want to drop for them the 2nd, 3rn, Nth time then hey that is 1 person helping others get their 1st, 2nd Nth time.

It would be a win/win, more people running LFR more regularly and then you don’t waste the 90 dailies worth of effort on gold equal to 2 dailies.

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Cataclysm in Review and Mists Examination

As I started this post before the launch of MoP, and never got to publishing it, I decide to just streamline the post where I would have each subsection a paragraph or 2, I just made it bullet points.  I am sure I will be commenting and bitching about some or most of these topics in the near future but just wanted to get the skeleton out there now.


The Bad

  • Too Linear and Phased Questing between 80-85
  • Initial Heroics and Initial Raid Tier Tuned to High for Introductory Content
  • Poor Information Reports Raid Kills – At Character and Guild Level
  • 10 & 25 on Same Raid ID – Extra Rules on Normal/Heroic/10/25 Toggles
  • Nothing to do in game other than Raid, PvP or Level and Alt

The Good

  • Complete Revamp of Primary 2 Continents in Azeroth
  • Questing between 1-60 updated to New Mechanics and Technology
  • Guild Level System and Guild Rewards
  • Have Group Will Travel added to the Game

Mists of Pandaria

The Bad

  • Have Group Will Travel removed from  the Game
  • XP Required to Level 88, 89, and 90 still a little to steep without full rested XP.
  • BoP Crafting Materials as World Drops (Motes/Spirits of Harmony)
  • No Flying Until Level 90 – On Each Character
  • Same Raiding Setup as Cataclysm so no Systematic Changes
  • World Bosses
  • Cross Realm Zones
  • Too Many Reputation Grinds that Can Only Begin at Level Cap

The Good

  • Several Mini-games added to the Game
  •  Interesting and Interactive Quests introducing you to the Story when Traveling to Pandaria
  • Quest progression somewhere between tBC and Wrath, not as linear and phased as Cata
  • Multiple Starting Raid Instances
  • The Landscape is Amazing
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Guide to get to Farming in MoP

This is just a quick post, I finally got all of my screen shots and brief summary up on where the farming mini game begins.  I list the flight points you can pick up along the way and show  essentially what I am going to be doing for the first 12 or so hours of MoP.  I plan to soon also write up my final opinion and guesses on how the first tier of content is going to go given what we have seen in the beta.

To my farming Page.  I may expand this with more information about the dailies and such but I did not get a character to 90 on the Beta so that will all have to wait until after MoP launches.

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Blizzard SOP, 2 steps forward, 3 steps back

I have not posted much lately because most of the time the subjects I want to post about would end up as nothing but a stream of special characters and a few intelligible words here and there.  I despise the current trend in the MMO market to ruin good PvE systems due to PvP issues.  I am looking at both TERA and WoW on that one.

What brought me out of my silence to try and form a coherent string of words and not just raging endlessly with no good rage dump was the latest reveal about crafting.   I was actually starting to look forward to MoP again with the previous display page with Scenarios,  I am still a little bitter about Scenarios being only an end game function at the moment.  I love running the equivalent called skirmishes in LotRO to level as I hate the questing and mob grind.

I first want to rebut is the line “One system in particular is held near and dear to the hearts of the community: professions.”, I have to call a major BULLSHIT on this line here.  The crafting systems have been nothing more than a side projects and not worth a damn as far as creating anything useful since Burning Crusade Tailoring and everything since then has been a joke and over reaction due to how cool and good the crafted gear was in that expansion.

So Blizz take your BS and shove it.  Rather than actually try to stop the Botting and fighting it you just screw over everyone that likes to craft and hates to farm with your Harmonious shit.  We had the same fucking problem with Chaos Orbs in Cataclysm and this is new gimmick is just as bad.  This whole we want to encourage aka force people out into the game world is so full of bullshit there are few words to describe it.  Well even writing this much is causing me to start and rant a bit so back to keeping my trap shut for a while.

I find it sad that Tiny Tower, Pocket Planes, and several other supper cheap/free iPad games are more interesting to me than WoW, TERA or EVE.  I think it has something to do with the amount of time I have to devote to them to get something going and not have to constantly being pointing, clicking, involved.  I like how the games allow me to queue up a bunch of actions, then go do something else, much like the crafting system in Star Wars.  I am sad that I find everything else about Star Wars boring as hell but they did have the best gathering/crafting system I have seen in ages.

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Some Time in Tera Online

So as the title suggests I have been recently playing Tera Online and it has one major thing going for it that EVE-Online also has, that when I play it I don’t feel like I am playing WoW.  This one aspect may be the main thing that gives this game some nice staying power in the US Market.

SWtoR – Felt like WoW in space with light sabers.

Rift – Felt like WoW in a permanent state of Elemental Invasions.

LotRO – Feels like WoW in Vanilla and other than a nice looking setting most everything is painful like hitting your thumb over and over with a hammer.  Also they have taken the micro transaction system a little overboard, much like DDO.

Here are some screen shots from my time in Tera.

[EasyGallery id=’teragallery1-2012-07-05′]

So as you can see the scenery and character models look really nice in the game, while not unique since Rift, SWtoR and LotRO look really nice as well, there is one major difference IMO and from what I have experienced while playing it.  The graphics while looking really good do not make my video card work anywhere near as much to display the same amount of detail as the other games.

To me this is a really strong point in favor of this game.  I decided to upgrade my 2 SLIed video cards that were a couple of years old for SWtoR to one Mid Tier video card and saw a performance increase and it stopped sounding like my computer was about to take off from all the GPU fans spinning up.  I get a nice respectable 30-60 fps while soloing and running group content in Tera and I have not had to tweak a thing.  I am not sure exactly what they are doing but I appreciate it and I suspect it has something to do with the FPS engine they are using and not the normal in house engines many of the other MMO companies seem to like to use.

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MoP Even Less Friendly to Alts than Cata Was!!!

I am so disgusted with what looks to be coming in MoP I just don’t know if I even want to level 1 character in it now.  This is coming from someone who has 13 85s on 2 accounts.

I actually looked at the WoW Insider articles on 2 of the factions and the reputation rewards and I am infuriated.

So in a move to suck up more of our time and make us play even longer and draw out content we now have 2, major grinds to do for each reputation if we want to get gear from them.

Now not only is all the gear BoP like it has been which is annoying as hell but now you also need to grind up the Valor points on that particular character if you want it to buy the item.

The ONLY THING AND I MEAN ONLY way that this will be reasonable is if we finally get rid of Reputation on a particular Character and make it Account Level Reputation.

I don’t like being so negative on something that is not even out yet, but for the life of me I can not see what model they are trying to create.

I hope some of my predictions and view on MoP are wrong, will just have to wait and see.

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Prediction Post for WoW Expansion after MoP – Raiding

All raiding will be done with 1 size of raid, it may be 25 unlikely, 10 which is just as unlikely or somewhere in-between most likely.  My bet is on 15 as it is the size that scales the best with the dungeon content.

I know this prediction may make some in my current and one of the few remaining 25-man guilds on Elune sad but let’s be honest.

Since the beginning of Cataclysm the 25-man raiding guild and raid has been on the endangered species list for a multitude of reasons some of which I have talked about before.  I think there are 2 major ones that are easily solved by Blizzard and therefore will not happen until 12 months from now or later if ever.

  • Achievements no longer differentiated between 10 and 25 man
  • Raid lockouts made running a 10 and 25 a logistical nightmare

The second one is the key in my opinion and it all boils down to try and keep the flow of gear to a minimum to try to drag the content out longer because Blizzard can no longer develop anything on a quick time-table.  It is either blocked by Coder Time, Designer Time, or Art Time.   I am tending to believe it is the Art Department that slows everything down now, since they overlap so much or at least seem to.  There are parts of Diablo 3 that I feel like I am playing in a Protos zone and not just the Angelic High Realms, or going into an Infernal area and I keep on looking for Zerg.  The art styles are so similar in some cases that Blizzard really needs to hire more talent and start to separate the Art teams a bit more.

Anyway I just want to say this now so that when the Next Expansion Beta comes out I can say called it, or wow I was completely wrong.

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Waiting for Titan

So I have been keeping up on the MoP information that has been coming out and logging into the Beta from time to time, however given what is there now I am not really all that excited to play MoP.

Don’t get me wrong I think MoP will be a good expansion for WoW but at this time there is nothing really all that interesting being implemented that will keep me as anything but an uber uber casual player.  I would like to give the Pet Battles and Farming mini games a try, however those are not implemented yet to any real extent.  Only a few that trained pet battles on the first few days of the Beta even have the skill…..


I like Diablo 3 and will be grinding away at if to weeks to come just to get to 60 and buy the cool armor on the AH.  I have absolutely no interest in playing the hardest mode and only started to have fun in Nightmare after I spent a bloody fortune on the AH to get gear such that Act3 Nightmare for the most part plays like Act3/4 Normal.  Going from 1250 Damage to 2000 was that big of a difference.


Several other Bloggers have recently be talking about the gamification and or workification of games when comparing reward design in WoW, D3 and other games.  It seems like game companies are only willing to implement 1 of 2 reward paradigms.  The old lottery, slot machine mechanic where everything is a random drop and you either are lucky enough to win or you are not.  The other which I have always been a strong advocate for as an alternative progression system, note not the main, is the point/token system where every kill/action rewards some sort of currency with which to buy the item with.  This has failed because they do not implement both systems in parallel, well I take that back they did implement it for 2 raids, ToC and ICC, oh weren’t they also the most successful raids as far as number of raiders taking them on, ya they were, I wonder if that may be a subtle factor, not a main but a contributory.


Now the MoP reward system with the new loot rolling mechanics may just be the best solution out of it all but we will have to wait and see.


Anyway I think it may just be expansion burnout talking but given the current and near future gaming /MMO market I have to say that I am just waiting for Blizzard’s Project Titan which will hopefully actually take the best of all of the current gen MMOs and interesting things from similar games and wrap it into one bundle.

Also lets hope Blizzard hires some more/new artists for this project, I am tired of everything looking like a WoW or Starcraft clone, I am looking at you Act 4 Diablo.

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