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Sub Cancel Post-Mortem 1

I am ultimately a casual alt-o-holic that likes to craft gear for my army of alts.  I get bored when playing any one character too exclusively for any major length of time.  I have been mostly playing one of my Paladins primarily lately and until the Subscriptions end for a couple of reasons.

1) The character is Human +10% Rep = Win where dailies are the only way to get rep and dailies suck.

2) The dailies in many cases are a major pain in the ass if you do not have at a minimum, the mitigation of a non-tanking plate wearer.  The mobs just hit too damn hard for content that is supposed to be completable solo and when not geared in full 463 blues or even epics.

That is it about why I play that character over the Mage, Priest, Druid, and Warrior that I also have at 90.

So now that the summary is out-of-the-way let’s get into what I really don’t like about MoP, and the following statement sums up pretty much all the current end game content.

It is not worth my time.

Or to elaborate a little.

The amount of effort and time required to get just 1 character ready for LFR and the crafting patterns I would want to use to gear up that and future characters is too great that by the time I would get there with my gaming habits I would not need the rewards.

This second part is pretty much the one problem I have found with every god damn MMO.  For some unexplained reason the ability to craft useful gear for the level your character is at only occurs if you are raiding at end game and you can get a raid drop crafting pattern.  Every other item made is damn near useless or you have better obtained via another method first.

I will end here for now, the next one I may grump about will most likely be travel and the corpse running annoyances.


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MoP – 2 Subscriptions Canceled – I have a job and I don’t need one in game

So this post was originally going to be how there is so much content now to do at 90 but with so little actually having real synergies that nothing is worth doing.

After reading BBB’s post “Does Blizzard hate their players?”, it made me think about all the little things that have pissed me off about this expansion.  It is an expansion that I like at least story wise for the most part and I like how for once the game is not super depressing which after Wrath and Cataclysm, let’s be honest the game has been a downer for years.  I like the farm and the pet battle systems but liking some of the mini-games when the main part of the game makes you hate it, it was time to re-evaluate my subscriptions.  I may keep the accounts open with time codes but that will be on a needed basis based upon how I feel about the game at that time.

I could go on about some of the things that annoy me with the game at the moment to bring this on but honestly I am too pissed and will just spit acid and have nothing constructive to give as feedback.  I will follow this up in a few days when I am cooler and calmer.

It just amazes me how Blizzard can do so many things really well and then just completely fuck it up with a few stupid design choices.

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Elder Charm of Good Fortune – Change Suggestion

This will be short and to the point.  Here is what the Charm is today, and will along with the lesser Charms become a currency in MoP 5.1.

Elder Charm of Good Fortune

There are a few issues with the LFR loot system which is also used for the 2 current World Bosses.  The main one being that if you would win an item the second time defeating the boss you are taunted by the system showing you the loot and saying “If this had been the first time you did this you would have one this item.  Sucks to be YOU.”

The Elder Charms allow you to get an extra roll for loot on all boss kills even if you would not normally be able to loot from the boss in the case of LFR and World Bosses.  In normal and heroic it is my understanding that you can use them to get an extra chance at personal loot and not the normal drops and loot system that your raid is using.

My suggestion is that for LFR and World Bosses that the Charms are expanded to be such that in the case where you would have one item X but it was your second kill you should be able to spend the Charm to get that item and not just getting a random roll.  Hey if people then run LFR and World bosses until they get the item they want to drop for them the 2nd, 3rn, Nth time then hey that is 1 person helping others get their 1st, 2nd Nth time.

It would be a win/win, more people running LFR more regularly and then you don’t waste the 90 dailies worth of effort on gold equal to 2 dailies.

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