Da Fail Mon

Well I tanked a guild group in ZA, this was the first and last time that is going to happen.

I was really looking forward to Cataclysm and this new patch 4.1, both have been a let down.

I stick with WoW for 2 reasons at this point.

  1. Most of my friends play WoW
  2. Out of all the MMOs I have played the end game is the least grindy of them.

The tuning of content this expansion has completely disenfranchised me of WoW and Blizzards so-called balancing abilities.

So I can say this, I will not be tanking this content in a PuG until at least 4.4.  It is completely pathetic the tuning on this content.   Our group was in mostly to all 359 gear and ZA was still a pain in the ass to complete.

Random dungeons were only bearable in Wrath because by the time ToC came out you could face roll them.  Prior to ToC wrath heroics were annoying as hell until you got some 213 gear.  People only remember the face rolling at the end and after you got raid gear from Naxx, if you were not raiding, the heroics were a pain until the second set of badge gear.

The raid content for the entry tier was tuned like ICC which was the ending tier of raids in wrath.  I am also sick of every boss having to have some unique gimmick.  I miss some good old tank and spanks just to give a break here and there.

Given the complexities of the boss fights this expansion they could have easily been made into a multi difficulty setting encounters.  But no, since Blizzard wanted a nice easy binary switch in the user interface we get scaling from hell.

If the hard modes were unlocked based on the number of boss kills and not the end boss of each instance this entry tier of gear would have been better.  On top of that they need to also get the dynamic raid lock outs working a little better.   What I mean is that it should be 1 boss kill per character per week.  It should not matter what difficulty any of the kills were done on.  Anyone should be able to group up as long as they can’t kill a boss a second time.

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2 comments on “Da Fail Mon
  1. Galashin says:

    Your argument seems to be:
    “I am also sick of every boss having to have some unique gimmick.”
    Heroics that require attention are bad.

    “Random dungeons were only bearable in Wrath because by the time ToC came out you could face roll them.”
    Heroics that aren’t outgeared are bad.

    Eagle: Kill birds, kill the white bird, dispel, group up under storms.
    Bear: He charges the person farthest, leaving a debuff that kills them if they’re charged again; once you’re charged, move in.
    Dragonhawk: Line of fire to avoid, fire bombs on the ground to avoid. Adds come, kill one. Then kill dragonhawk adds.
    Lynx: Kill lightning totems. Do NOT kill healing totems; they heal and grant mana to players. Ignore the cat, just DPS the boss.
    Hex Lord: Kill one add, then the other. Kill the boss, moving out of ground-based AoE.
    Final boss: “Bear has the same charge mechanic, move in once you’re charged, plus the healer should dispel. Eagle avoid tornadoes. Dragonhawk avoid the fire line and the fire spot. Lynx requires the tank to taunt, pop a cooldown, and hit an AoE tanking ability now and then; you can ignore the adds.

    Snake: Avoid the four types of poison. Interrupt the channel. Run away if you’re linked.
    Raptor: Don’t stand in orange “fire,” kill the raptor.
    Panther: Kill panthers. If there are no panthers to kill, pull more panthers. Interrupt the AoE.
    Zanzil: Get out of fire. One person needs to get the frost cauldron, for the big add. The tank needs to get the fire cauldron for the little adds. Everyone needs the green cauldron for the poison gas. Anything on top of that is gravy.
    Jin’do: Admittedly very gimmicky. The only really important parts, however, are to stand in the green thing, stand on chains for the jump (tank has to know to pull a mob), and ranged DPS do NOTHING but kill spirits (unless you have 3, then one can kill chains).

    4 bosses are “get out of fire, kill adds:” eagle, lynx (lightning totems only), hex lord (one at a time), raptor.
    Another 5 bosses have at most 1 additional mechanic: bear (move in after getting charged), dragonhawk (don’t kill both initial adds), snake (run away if linked), panther (interrupt the AoE while also killing adds), and zanzil (only 1 person, the tank, needs to know how to use anything but the green cauldron).
    Only the final bosses of each instance have more going on than that, and barely more, for ZA.

  2. Malchome says:

    Explaining the encounters or the gimmicks is not going to change my opinion of the scaling in Cataclysm content. Rather than to continue to reply here and on Restokin, I am writing up a description on what I hope content will become in the future.