My Price

After reading BBB’s post A Call to Bribe got me thinking about what is my price as a tank.  I actually have 2 level 85 tanks at the moment and it usually is my proffered role in all instances other than Stone Core, I still hate that instance on heroic with the heat of a 1000 suns, even more than I hated The Occulus.

My price is simple and it not some infinitesimally small chance at a mount.  Nope I am must more mercenary than wanting an extra lottery ticket or 2.  My price is I want to be able to buy level 85 BoA gear on my tank that I can send to my DPS and Healing alts to gear them up while tanking.  If I have to waste my time on my Tank to help out the queue problem then I damn well better be able to gear up the alts I would rather be playing.  I say rather be playing as in I don’t always want to tank but not having gear on those characters is a pain.  Also the point reward should scale based off of # of random players, so a good Tank/Healer or Tank/DPS pair group could do this farming and still benefit the 1-3 other random PuGs.  Requiring completely random is lame at best.

The way to do this is with a JP or VP bonus to the call of arms player and have vendors that sell BoA items of the appropriate level.  I would want 333, 346 and 359 ilevel BoA vendors so I can gradually gear up the alts if I so choose.  The best part about this is that these vendors would still be available to the other rolls, so then players can play the character they prefer to play to gear up an alt.

The question now would be which is more important.

Short queue times for the LFD tool.


Players having to play each and every character to gear up.

Personally I would rather see 1 which will lead to 2 more often.

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