Epic Gem Transmutes

Well this post has been on the drawing board for a while and with 4.1 hitting servers today I guess I better throw out my 2 coppers on this subject.

Given the trend of crafting for Epic Gems that occurred in Wrath and the likelihood that the same trend will be used in Cataclysm, I hope when the epic gem transmutes are added into the game that the Volatile (Elemental) components of the transmutes are more balanced than they were in Wrath.  If the elemental components are somewhat balanced across the gem colors then the Cata Elemental market, Volatiles, will hopefully not destabilize as much as it did in previous expansions.

Here is a table that is a suggestion on how to balance out the Elemental components in the transmutes.  These are ratio notations and not the actual number of Volatiles suggested.  I would expect somewhere between 5 and 10 volatiles of each type with hopefully 1-5 Blue quality gems required in the transmute as well.  This will help add value back into the Blue Quality gem market as well.

[table id=6 /]

After reading history on the trolls and with the lore associated with the new ZG and ZA I have a separate post that I want to write now.  So time to get this off the board.

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