Tier 11 Raiding – Blizzards Failure on Achievements and Reporting

There is additional failures on part of the playerbase and guild ranking websites but those can be traced back to the entirety of  Blizzards implementation of Tier 11 raiding.

The difficulty and tuning has been analyzed to death so I will not get into that flame war quagmire.  IMO I think some encounters are tuned a little too tightly but it looks like our guild will be able to clear all the normal mode bosses before the next tier of content.

So what am I talking about when saying that Blizzard failed on achievements and reporting.  Well it is simple.  There is no way to differentiate a boss kill on 10 or 25 man mode.  More problematic is there are all these new guild bonuses and statistics but not information on boss-kills at the guild level or I should say what is there is extremely lacking.

In this new guild and content era where there are now stiff penalties for switching guilds in the form of loss of guild reputation if players are going to change guilds there is more information needed so that players can evaluate a guild.

For each tier of content there should be a chart with the following information in it of course the 80% membership requirement for a guild run will also be a requirement to be recognized for this information.

[table id=5 /]

Since this information would be available in XML the guild ranking/progression sites could then aggregate the information, that is a service that ultimately should be hosted on Blizzards services so that there is 1 official always up-to-date source but that is an issue for another time.  I would just be happy that Blizzard provide the information needed to accurately provide this service to the player base.

One of the dimensions that I really think that the progress sites get wrong is that they do not consider the total number of kills, all that matters is the first kill.  I am more impressed with a guild that consistently get 6/12 down every week than the guild that gets 4 boss kills because they want to push for that one new boss kill just to get ahead of the competition due to how the progression sites are overly concerned about first kill.

Anyway the more information the better.  I think it would help our guild overall in the long run and will hopefully highlight some of the early lemmings that pushed far and fast and then fell apart afterward.  Why are they still high on the rankings if they have not had a new or consistent kill rate.

Anyway I am sure the information I wish was displayed is available for Tier11 and I hope the armory will be updated to support such information for Tier 12 in patch 4.2.

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