So I fell through a Rift

So after reading some of the late Beta reviews about Rift from people on my blogroll I decide to try out Rift.  I did one of the Digital Pre-orders with the CE package so I could get the expanded base bag and mount.  Honestly I don’t think I would like the game as much as I do if it was not for the mount in the collector’s edition.  The 4 extra bag slots so early in the game are also very very nice.

For some expanded reviews and more information I will point out the blogs I have checked out the most.

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Currently I am having many Grass is Greener moments as I level my characters in Rift.  My highest level character is my Mage at level 20.  Next is my warrior at level 14.  I don’t want to just spout off about how great the dynamic world is with the Rift events.   All I will say at this point is Cataclysm raised the bar on questing and how to integrate story with what you are doing while leveling.  Rift raised the bar on how to have a dynamic world that rewards players for working together to get something done with out the artificial guild/instance/raid mechanics we have all become so use to.  There are other ways of doing things and honestly Trion has set a new baseline on what is to be expected at launch of an MMO.

The fatalist in me says that there is no way that World of Warcraft will be able keep up, and honestly it does not need to.  The thing that I hope Blizzard is taking notes on is for their unnamed MMO for when it launches in 2+ years.  Trion and Rift has done to the MMO market what WoW did when in launched.  Rift is much more an evolutionary MMO to all of it’s predecessors as WoW was to EQ.  The other attempts by WAR, AoC, Aion, and several others the past few years all failed to live up to their potential because they set their sights on WoW and did not just perfect their own game.

After I have had more played time and hopefully there are some reference DBs created on the web for stuff in Rift I will start to write some more in-depth comparisons between the games and give my opinion on where both could improve or make it more interesting/fun.

Also I will most likely be changing the theme of this site to coincide with my more in depth focus on WoW and Rift.  I have played other MMOs: EVE and LotRO mostly and they have not begun to grab my attention like Rift has and WoW did when I first started playing.

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