Battle.Net Bank – Another Feature Needed well Maybe Not, Doh!

Well it has been a bit since my last post and I was planning writing a more detailed post about what and why a Battle.Net Account Bank would be a good feature to add to the game.

I was originally suggesting it to be a feature to help cut down on gold buying.  The following 2 links had some initial discussion about ways to cut down on Gold Buying by eliminating some of the reasons that players buy gold.  In the end the only real way would be to remove gold from the game or make it bound to account and only usable with vendors, which would essentially remove the AH from the game.

In the mean time Blizzard has added a new item to the 4.1 patch notes that makes this alt-o-holic a happy camper.  If the logical extension of all of these changes is actually implemented a very very happy camper but that has yet to be seen or confirmed.

  • Many “Account Bound” heirlooms are now labeled as “ Account Bound”, meaning that they can also be traded or mailed to characters that are on different World of Warcraft accounts under the same account.
  • Mail sent to characters on the same account now arrives instantaneously, as it does for the same World of Warcraft account.
  • Mailing account-bound items to characters of the opposite faction on the same account will now correctly translate faction-specific items to their appropriate equivalent.


If the mail is still not able to be sent cross server than a good workaround would be a account bank, like the Vault you can pay to have available in LotRO.  It is one of the really nice features for trading materials between characters since the mail system is a little lacking without some of the mail add ons I use in wow.

Actually they really need to change the AH interface and decouple it with the mail system.  It would most likely greatly reduce the overhead on the mailing subsystem.  Make a second virtual hold system like the AH that is off market where all of your stuff sits for when you need to pick it up.  Also all items you want to auction are dumped there first.  By some of the comments in the UI dev Q&A it sounds like there is an overhaul to the AH coming so I will save more comments on what I think is wrong with the current implementation, other than the already existing posts here.

I still think a way hell even if it is an additional service fee like the mobile AH a way to move BoA and base gold/materials between servers would be a great boon.  It would give some players an entire new game to play.  It would be the world of market craft but letting the players equalize out the value of goods across both high and low population servers would be really cool.

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