Something Good to Break the Negative – Leveling Content 80-85

So at this time I have 2 85s, Malchome and Lavata.  I also have 2 84s Kaeley and Rivir, Shepardbuck at 83, Cemone and Jaynn at 82 and my Inaradria and Yuval at 81 with Tsoee still at 80.  Wrath and Burning crusade the leveling content give much more xp than needed to level throughout a zone so even though I am seeing some of the same quests 4,5,8 times by now they are fast and simple enough that I can just power through them and not get bored.  This is not the case with the content in Wrath and Burning crusade.  I have a 76 druid with 25% bonus xp via heirlooms and +10% more via the guild perk and Northrend is still painful.

One other thing that I have come to realize is that unlike Outlands and Northrend, in an ironic sorta way the content released in Cataclysm is not depressing.  Think about that for a moment.  Outlands we have a broken world fighting demons and Northrend we have hordes of undead, compared to Cataclysm where the world is starting to Shatter due to Deathwing we are fighting Dragons and Ancient evils but it is less depressing than the previous 2 expansions where the bad stuff already happened.

I know by the time the next WoW expansion hits I will have 3 Druids, 2 Mages and maybe a few others for a total of about 15+ characters at 85.

Anyway just wanted to say that unlike previous expansion content this round does not seem to be having the burn out effect that the others have.

As a side note there really needs to be a WoW & Gaming dictionary created for browser/word processor spell checkers, I am tired of adding new words every time I write something about a game.

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