Trash + Unreliable CC + Massive CC Requirements = Waste of Time. This is Good Content?

In my personal opinion trash in an instance is a complete waste of time and is an insult to the player base in general. I ultimately don’t mind a little trash in an instance to break up the time between boss fights to a reasonable length. So let’s say 5 minutes of trash per boss is acceptable. It is also one of the major issues I have with heroic instances; there is just too much trash on average.

So if there is going to be trash and a lot of it in an instance then in those cases the trash should not require a level of coordination and strategy that is more complex than the initial boss encounters in the instance especially for trash leading to the first bloody encounter. By now if you have not guessed which set of trash sparked this bit of nerd rage so to speak I am referring to the cesspool of craptastically designed and laid-out trash that leads to Halfus Wyrmbreaker AKA the opening trash to BoT.

This trash is manageable and almost reasonably designed on 10- man, it takes a little bit of careful planning and timing but nothing to unreasonable. This evaluation goes right out the window on 25 man mode. Here is an surprising point the trash leading to Magmaw and Omnitron do not change between 10 and 25 man mode, at least the # of trash to deal with. This is not the case with the opening trash in BoT and honestly it is bullshit, just another example of BS trash added for no good reason. A more reasonable change from 10 to 25 would be like the opening trash in BWD which is to have the mobs hit slightly harder and have more health.

Another bitch-slap to the face of all raiders not in the top most guilds are the changes to the CC mechanics that Blizzard decided to hot fix after someone had the reasonable and intelligent idea to use a priest mind control on trash to change the complexity level and have the trash kill 1 or 2 of their own. I guess it is only viable for Blizzard Trash and Bosses to use Mind Control, with the exception of 1 fight in Naxx, otherwise all other uses of Mind Control in content that is worthwhile is Verboten. As I have said before if Blizzard does not want us to use certain abilities then either remove them from the bloody game, or tell us how you want us to play every pull, or just get over yourself and let us do the god damned content how we see fit and get the hell out of the way.

The insults to PVE players continue as Blizzard NERFs, “balances”, CC across classes for more E-Sport Bullshit PVP.  It is time for all class abilities to be separated across PVE and PVP.   Those that like PVP will learn how their abilities work in PVP and those that doe PVE will do the same, those that like both will figure it out over time.  If CC is mandatory to make an encounter reasonable like this BS trash then CC needs to be made reliable and consistent, so make all CC not break on a sneeze hitting it like Polymorph/Hex does when compared to Fear or hell even Banish which makes them immune.  The layout of this opening trash is even more insulting because not only is there so much more of it on 25 but there is no room to move and spread them out, meaning that for all intents and purposes we are back to the wrath massive AoE pull fest with no tools to do it that way, Thank you Blizzard you GD Assholes.

I have really wanted to write some positive posts about Cataclysm lately.  But the things I want to do for fun I am not because I have to postpone them while waiting for either Guild Rep Rewards that I have to grind and grind and grind because I have 2 accounts under my 1 account and BoA items are still not Battle.Net aware, or I am too drained from the grind to give a damn when I am able to play casually.   That is one place where Wrath was superior to Cataclysm.  Because the content was easier at opening you did not have to grind, grind, grind, and burn yourself out just to have the gear to survive the opening content.  The heroic lockouts are another piss poor design feature in this new content paradigm.

Some of the other casual things I like to do to blow off steam and prepare my main and alt characters are further screwed up under this shattered new world but that is another unfortunately negative post.  I come off as annoyed and pissed because I see so much potential in the new systems only to have the potential  shit upon because there is some need to gate material to all hell.

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