Guild Raiding Progression Ranking – Another Fail of Blizzard

This is a small and quick gripe but worth noting.

Yes the content now drops the same Item Level of loot but there statistics collection should separate out 10 man kills and 25 man kills on the character.

Additionally if the raid was a guild run the guild statistics area should capture when a boss was killed and on what mode it was, [10, 25, 10H, 25H]. It is a trivial amount of data collection and used to be captured, at least in the achievements section which is not necessarily the best place for this information.

Currently guild ranking sites that parse the Armory have to guess whether a kill was 25 man based on the number of guild members that newly got the kill achievement. This is a stupid and inefficient way to do this, hell it most likely eats up extra data processing and server load because Blizzard did not have the foresight to make guild raid information readily available. Seriously? Wow had been out for 6 years and people have been raiding for most of it. You should know by now the data the community wants, why it is not available and actually removed this expansion is pathetic.

With as much information as we suspect Blizzard records and combs through not making this simple subset of information available is very disappointing.

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