A few more thoughts on the Guild Leveling System

My thoughts on the new guild system are a bit scattered and any one of them I don’t have enough to say to justify an entire post to them individually.

Order of the Perks

When looking at the guild perks the order of them in some cases are a bit haphazard and or silly as for usefulness to the guild on a whole.

Current order of Perks.

  • Fast Track (Rank 1)
  • Mount Up
  • Mr. Popularity (Rank 1)
  • Cash Flow (Rank 1)
  • Fast Track (Rank 2)
  • [Reinforce] (Rank 1)
  • [Hasty Hearth]
  • [Reinforce] (Rank 2)
  • Chug-A-Lug (Rank 1)
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mr. Popularity (Rank 2)
  • Honorable Mention (Rank 1)

From a guild management perspective, I really think Cash Flow should have been the first guild perk.  Then while everyone was in the mass waves of leveling the guild bank could have profited a bit more from all of those leveling mobs being looted.  Really by the time guilds were level 3 or 4 with how bloody low the guild xp cap was per day, under the guise of the “No Guild Left Behind Act”, most of the perks were useless for mains while leveling.  Now perks are really just useful for the leveling of alts.

Additionally requiring honored to buy any of the heirlooms is complete and utter bullshit.  Guild reputation needs to be a Battle.net account based reputation and not on a per character basis.  Hell all reputation items should be account bound, doing the grind on one character is usually boring and a pain in the ass enough.  Given how piss poor the itemization on vendors is and the grind that some reputations are through dungeons with a tabard, most of the time you have found equivalent or better running the dungeons by the time you qualify for the bloody items.  The only exceptions to this are the epics at the end.

XP Cap and Moving Forward

I hope that after April 21st, so lets say May st, that the Guild XP cap per day is lifted.  After that point guilds that maxed out their XP per day can have already earned rank 25, place a meta achievement for guilds having reached 25 by this time and then remove the XP Cap per day.

The XP cap per day may be “nice” to those smaller or less active guilds but it is a slap in the face to all newly formed active guilds since the launch of the expansion.  Now they have to make sure to maintain a specific level of activity for a 5 month period just to get to the max cap.  I hate how Blizzard creates good systems and then screws them up with retarded limits.  Justice/Valor, Guild XP, Guild Rep, Heroic Daily Lock Outs.  Let people play what they want, when they want, however they want and get the hell out of the way.

No Guild Rename Service

Before this new Guild system and currently if/when you want a new guild name you would need to disband a guild and form a new one.  If you had all 6 guild bank tabs that could get expensive but in the end, it was only gold.  Now you have hours and days of effort invested in a guild to have its rank increased and there is no way to change a guild name without loosing all of that time  invested by many players.

There needs to be a system implemented to rename a guild without it requiring deletion.  Come on this is a base DB operation, I just hope to hell that the reason this has not been done before was because to enforce name uniqueness the named was used as a primary key.

No Guild Transfer Service

Going along the same lines as the guild rename services there are many legitimate reasons, especially with the free realm transfers that come up from time to time that a guild as a whole will want to change servers.  The same issues with renaming now come up with a much much steeper price now with the guild leveling system.  Now because of this guilds will only move when they absolutely must which will decrease the effectiveness of Blizzards realm population balancing initiatives.

Guild Banking and the “Bonus” currency loot, i.e. the tax system with no tax.

After a few weeks of having the “cash flow” perk and watching the amount of currency it brings in, it is a joke.  It is meaningless in a setting where 1 night of raiding requires 1000+ gold in materials raid wide not to mention repairs.  Part of the justification for these types of perks in the guild system were to help fund guild activities at the rate that currency actually flows in we are looking at about half a few months worth of looting to equal the cost of 1 night of raiding or whatever equivalent level of content you want to work with, raiding is definitely the most expensive.

I think the way to make this perk more useful is expand it in 2 dimensions.

  1. A flat increase in the percentage.  Say 5% goes to 10% and the second goes from 10% to 20% this will increase the rate by 100% but it is still pathetically weak even at that.
  2. The second and best way to improve this would be to also generate the same percentage extra for the guild bank when turning in a quest, especially daily quests, but I think all quests would be reasonable.

The net effect of both of these improvements would be to take the silly small amount generated from looting from maybe 1 gold a day to 2 gold a day.  Additionally if you figure that the average raider will do about 150-200 gold a raid day worth of dailies to fund themselves as best they can then this would generate between 10-40 gold a day of dailies for the communal guild bank funds.

Alternatively, though I don’t suggest it there could also be a subtractive % that is a true tax that automatically goes to the guild bank.  EVE-Online does this and I am sure there are others.

Rep requirement on contributions

I find it pathetic and shows the narrow minded scope that Blizzard has on how the player base interacts and what a “Player” not the character contributes to a guild.  What really annoys me about this is that if achievements for crafting/faction rep/”what ever else” are suppose to help differentiate guilds then all members of said guild should contribute to the achievement.  For example within the first couple of weeks of the expansion we had several guild crafter get to 525 but their efforts did not count because they were alts and were not leveling or running dungeons, so all effort by this player to level their craft for the guild did not count for shit towards the public recognition the guild’s overall efforts.  These were alts of officers and other heavily invested in the guild but according to Blizzard they were dead weight because the guild reputation system is fundamentally flawed.

Too few Reputation Gaining Actions

So while writing this post a thread appeared on the official forums, that I found via the blue tracker and front page of mmo-champion.  The original thread links are going to a not found page but a second thread has been started.

Wow I completely overlooked that a great idea while focusing on how the fix the current rep system without throwing the whole thing out.  A poster in the second thread makes a really great point that in the end it should be the GM and officers of a guild that decide what level of “Trust/Rep” a member should have.  Hell I even play have played EVE-Online and I did not think of it, but yes that is how the system should be.  If a guild wants to give away access to all that they have earned then that is a guild matter and not something Blizzard should piss with.  All of the rewards that are rep restricted should be changed to be a specific standing level that is not publicly viewable from the armory like rep but be something completely decided upon by the GM and Officers how the system should work in their respective guild.

I was going to recommend here that there also needs to be “Guild Daily” quests that players can run to gain rep with their guild and then some sort of system needed to be created to take the guild currency generated by these actions so that the GM and Officers could use said currency to buy stuff for the guild.  This was before reading the good forum posts highlighted by mmo-champion.  Now I just think the guild reputation system need to go the way of the Dodo because it is a dodo and just make it like the guild ranks and permission filters on the guild bank.  Hey if you don’t like how 1 guild does its perks that is one more reason and way for guild to differentiate themselves.

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