Guild XP Cap – (Good Intentions) * (Easy Implementation) = (Poor Outcome)

Ok after several days of the current Guild XP system it is evident that it is a complete waste of effort.  Blizzard has taken a concept that was cool and added nice flavor to the game for guilds and made it suck and suck big time.

Here is the xp chart for the guild xp system from

The major problem is the xp required is a very steady linear increase, hence why we need to have such a low XP Cap per day.  Otherwise even moderately active 10 and 25 man guilds would already be level 10-20 by now.  Now is when the bonuses form the guild system are the most needed and useful, in 4-5 months they will be nice to have but more of an “oh yay” rather than that is “@#$# Awesome”.  Way to piss on a new “Advertised” feature there Blizz.

The way to have a system that works for all guilds of all levels of activity is to have a Geometric/Exponential XP increase needed between levels of tiers of levels.

For example a better system would be to break it into 5 tiers.

Levels 1-5 are a linear growth like you have now except maybe a little steeper so the XP/Day can be increased by 300% or just removed.  Then each tier the next 5 levels are some multiple of XP per level of the previous teirs XP needed each level.

Below is a Chart using a progression similar to what I describe here.

[table id=4 /]

As can be seen using a multiple of 2 will require 3 times the amount of XP than the current system overall and a cap increase of at least 3 times the current would be required to keep the about the same progression.  However it front loads a few of the features more conducive to leveling and getting money into the guild bank while everyone is leveling and gearing up, which should have been though of before the stupid low cap was put in, or at least the 5% going to the guild bank should have been level 1 or 2 guild perk.

I was not in Beta but I know the guild xp was reset many times to try and find a happy medium. They were not able to so implemented a low xp cap per day to not give the 200+ member guilds an extreme advantage, more than they already have. Here is the thing, we the players are all gamers or a large percentage of us are and the rest follow our optimizations. Adapt to it and implement a fun system not something cool but so limited it is useless when we want to use it most.

Of course it is now too late. I wish there had been a more interactive discussion on the guild xp system but then again almost everyone is focused on end game raid balancing and class balancing so these secondary systems get shafted in the intellectual resource department. Even our smaller 25 man guild would be level 6+ if there were no caps so I think Blizzard really did the player base a major disservice by not building enough XP room into the guild leveling system. Here is the thing with large amounts of xp required between levels you hurt no one with out having a cap. By having small amounts of xp required per level and having a draconian XP/Day cap you hurt everyone except the very small social guilds. The small social guilds are likely to stay that way because of what they are and how they play.

I almost would have preferred see this system go the way of the Dance Studio than to have the broken system we have now.

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