A new Ghostcrawler Pet

Well I was looking around on wow-petopia looking at the new buff system for hunter pets.  I have not really spent much time on my hunter or any class other than my mage and warlock since 4.0.x patch.

Anyway I was looking at the spirit beasts and saw one labeled as Ghostcrawler, a Ghost Deep Sea Crab named after our favorite lead system designer.  My current hunter already has a pet I changed the name to Ghostcrawler and it is a similar model to the one used on the forums.  I hope the new forums have GC updated to his new elite form.

Anyway nothing really important here just something I had not heard about earlier that I wanted to bring to light.  I and I am sure others will be hunter for the new spirit pet.  I find it hilarious to read the combat log in pvp when I have my GC crab pet out and see GC hits SoAndSo for X.  I just LOL.

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