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Cata Travel Part 1 – Alliance Flight Points

So I have held off on this post for a while. I completed my graph just before the 4.0.3a patch last Tuesday. It is lacking some of the Cataclysm flight points because Beta closed before I could get Lissanna to

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Entry Tanking Plate Options

Not much to say here but here is a list of the tanking plate from known locations for the beginning of Cataclysm.  Different pieces may be better at different times depending upon various Dodge/Parry/Block Values and whether your class has block.  Needed to compile

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A new Ghostcrawler Pet

Well I was looking around on wow-petopia looking at the new buff system for hunter pets.  I have not really spent much time on my hunter or any class other than my mage and warlock since 4.0.x patch. Anyway I

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