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Cata Travel Part 1 – Alliance Flight Points

So I have held off on this post for a while.

I completed my graph just before the 4.0.3a patch last Tuesday. It is lacking some of the Cataclysm flight points because Beta closed before I could get Lissanna to get me the flight information. So I have removed those nodes and edges from the graphs and have the ones I have been able to verify in. I don’t think I missed any edges or made mistakes but I may have. For comparison my old graph had between 11-18 flight points per continent in the Azeroth for Vanilla content or 1-60. Now each continent has around 30 or so nodes with many many more edges.

There was one flight connection I was very surprised was lacking and that was a connection between the new flight points in Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge.  As of my last attempt to use them you have to go from Iron Summit North to Thorium Point then South to Morgan’s Vigil then North again to Chiselgrip.  A better connection would just to have Chiselgrip and Iron Summit to connect directly.  This as the only one that seem like it was overlooked by Blizzard.

Now after the patch and then starting to read the thread about the removal of the portals on the official forums I got really annoyed and got snarky on the forums resulting in a 1 week ban.  Essentially I think it was calling all of the fanboys on the thread supporting Blizzard ass kissers but not sure which of my statement were inflaming enough for the ban.  Considering the fanboys were calling everyone that wanted the portals back names but lets not go there.  I also use to use stronger imagery on the old forums years ago than what I posted in that thread but what ever.  I can’t stand the official forums anymore anyway.  Just a cesspool of trolls, and yes I admit I am sometimes a troll there as well when I get annoyed enough to post.

Anyway with the portals removed for now.  There is a gaping hole in the travel system that needs filled.  There needs to be some sort of instant travel between the Capitol cities both Faction and Neutral.  This also allows for some more interesting solution than just opening up portals in SW to all the other major cities.

Lagarath and Lagaran were LAG#### because everyone went there for fast travel between expansions for what ever reason.  To get somewhere for training, farming, helping others what have you.  The point is the more ways to get player A to a location that player B is the better it is for the game.

So I have made another picture, it looks messier but I don’t have the inclination to clean it up with the tools I have readily available.

Here is the graph code for the differences between the two graphs.

	A_EK_EF_1 [label="Stormwind City"]
	A_KAL_AZI_1 [label="Exodar"]
	A_KAL_TDS_2 [label="Darnassus"]
	A_EK_DM_1 [label="Ironforge"]

	N_EK_CoS_1 [label="Booty Bay"]
	N_KAL_WS_1 [label="Everlook"]
	N_KAL_TAN_1 [label="Gadgetzan"]

	N_KAL_MG_1 [label="Moonglade Central"]
	N_KAL_SIL_1 [label="Cenarion Hold"]
	N_EK_WPL_2 [label="The Mender's Stead"]
	N_KAL_DS_2 [label="Karnum's Glade"]

	A_EK_EF_1 -> A_KAL_AZI_1
	A_KAL_AZI_1 -> A_EK_DM_1
	A_EK_DM_1 -> A_KAL_TDS_2
	A_KAL_TDS_2 -> A_EK_EF_1

	N_EK_CoS_1 -> N_KAL_TAN_1
	N_KAL_TAN_1 -> N_KAL_WS_1
	N_KAL_WS_1 -> N_EK_CoS_1

	N_KAL_MG_1 -> N_EK_WPL_2
	N_EK_WPL_2 -> N_KAL_SIL_1
	N_KAL_SIL_1 -> N_KAL_DS_2
	N_KAL_DS_2 -> N_KAL_MG_1	

	N_EK_SG_2 -> N_EK_BS_1

So there are other opportunities as well. Looking at the new Hearthglen being part of the Argent Crusade it would be interesting to have a one direction portal loop between neutral faction locations. Place level restrictions on them so low level characters should not be able to get them early but for level cap or post level characters there is no good reason not to make some sort of fast travel available. I would hope not to have them tied to standing with the faction because that would be a pain in the ass for alts so level is really the only relevant restriction. Alternatively a single quest would also be good not a chain but just some simple action to unlock them after a certain level. Also making multiple loops as new content comes out would also be cool.

For example the Argent Tournament Grounds, Hearth Glen, some Argent Tournament location in Kalimdor. For the Cenarian factions having portals around Eastern Kindgom, Kalimdor, Outlands for the Expedition and something in Northrend (DEHTA) or in the Basin. I do not mind the portals being removed from Dalaran/Shattrath as long as something else is implemented that fills a similar role and the Boats/Trains/Planes do not count.

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Entry Tanking Plate Options

Not much to say here but here is a list of the tanking plate from known locations for the beginning of Cataclysm.  Different pieces may be better at different times depending upon various Dodge/Parry/Block Values and whether your class has block.  Needed to compile the list for Undying Resoultion’s Forum so thought I would repost here for everyone.

Tanking Plate









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A new Ghostcrawler Pet

Well I was looking around on wow-petopia looking at the new buff system for hunter pets.  I have not really spent much time on my hunter or any class other than my mage and warlock since 4.0.x patch.

Anyway I was looking at the spirit beasts and saw one labeled as Ghostcrawler, a Ghost Deep Sea Crab named after our favorite lead system designer.  My current hunter already has a pet I changed the name to Ghostcrawler and it is a similar model to the one used on the forums.  I hope the new forums have GC updated to his new elite form.

Anyway nothing really important here just something I had not heard about earlier that I wanted to bring to light.  I and I am sure others will be hunter for the new spirit pet.  I find it hilarious to read the combat log in pvp when I have my GC crab pet out and see GC hits SoAndSo for X.  I just LOL.

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