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So with all of the information about Cataclysm and 4.0.x that has been coming in a steady stream, I have not been sure where to start giving my 2 cents about it. Given that 4.0.x just came out yesterday, 2010/08/13, other than a very brief initial opinion there is not much to say about it.

I am disappointed in the changes to the AH and Mail related mods being broken. I wish Blizzard would actually fix the systems rather than just break mods that are damn near necessary to interact with them. Yes 2-3 clicks per mail item is a good design … no no it is not. If I could click in the mail item and automatically have it loot/detach the item and currency, if there is room for such it would be nice. Like the auto-loot system.

The other 2 projects I have been working on when not at my IRL job are the new guild website for the guild most of my toons are in, Undying Resolution on Elun-US.  This guild is made up of mostly former Conspiracy Elune-US members that wanted to raid a little more seriously and with less baggage from legacy officers taking a break from the game but still active in other aspects of the game/social dynamic.  Since the split the guild has progress some in 10man ICC with a H-Prof. P. kill the other night right before the patch.

The second project is one I have mentioned here previously which is my raid strategy website however I have decided to make the scope even a little larger due to many of the group mechanic changes coming in Cataclysm.  With CC being required Dungeon strategies are going to be needed on the web more so than even when tBC came out.  The reason for this is for the most part the vast majority of the WoW player base has had it really easy the past 2 years as far as dungeon content.  I am working on re-skinning that website after getting the transition to http://www.wowraidstrategies.com working.  It is still a major work in progress but with the release date of Cataclysm I at least now have a deadline.

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