My 4.0 Specs

With 4.0 looking to be hitting live very very soon, here are the specs I am planning on initially using on my characters.  I will refine these over time after testing the out a bit.  Feel free to use them if you like the looks.  I make no claims as these being optimal specs these are just my own first look at what will most likely go live on the 12th.

Death Knight – Tank / DPS

Druid – Balance / Feral DPS / Feral Tank / Resto

Hunter – Marksman / Beast Master

Mage – Fire / Arcane

Paladin – Tank / Ret

Priest – Disc / Holy / Shadow

Rogue – AssassinationSub

Shaman – Elemental / Resto

Warlock – Afflict / Demo

Warrior – Tank / Fury

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