The coming Cataclysm in LFG Randoms

Well some of you may be paying attention to the Beta feedback and threads for those of you that are not here is your warning.

The entire 5-man group experience is changing and changing big.  I cringe at the thought of what the first few weeks of the expansion are going to be like when players rush into dungeons in both pre-made or random groups and get their faces smashed in by the new content.  Not just content that hits hard or anything like that but trash that can require some sort of CC and the healer not being able to spam infinite amounts of healing on DPS that will not move or try and avoid damage.

First will come the frustration.

Then will come the accusations and assignment of blame.

Then the Tanks will get fed up and stop tanking while at the same time the healers will get fed up and stop healing.

The end result will be extremely long queues for the LFG if you do not already have a group made, most likely from your guild.

So in the end the LFG system that was one of the real successes of WotLK will be destroyed by the tuning of none heroic instances into something that is suppose to not be an AoE face roll experience.

The real problem with the new design is it puts further demand and responsibility on the 2 roles that were already choosing to take some responsibility, with no extra reward.  Given the new paradigm Tanks and Healers should get at least double the random reward for putting up with the BS and blame and hate that is going to be coming their way with the new content tuning.

Hopefully at least for normal dungeons they will be turned so as not to be a major pain in the ass.  However I still think most instances have too much trash.  I despised Old World Dungeons, when doing them at level appropriate times and I hated the instances in tBC for the same reason.  They just took too damn long or required too much effort for way too little reward.  Also the random loot lottery without craft-able or purchasable equivalents really really sucked.   I am looking at you Idol from the first boss of Shadow Labs, 80+ runs and the damn thing did not drop.

Looking at the forums and reports it looks like it will be at least 4.1 before Druids will be viable healers for anything other than a tank.  But given the trend in WotLK it will be 4.1 for blizzard to admit it and 4.2 for a fix to be implemented and by then it will be a year too late.  I don’t need to repeat more concerns of Lissanna and other druids here but all I will say is Blizz they told you so.

Ultimately I hope the hype and intentions that Blizzard set out for Cataclysm do come to fruition but in some areas only time will tell.

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One comment on “The coming Cataclysm in LFG Randoms
  1. Deandre - Dalaran says:

    I hope the people that were screaming about how the Wrath dungeons were too easy are ready to eat some serious crow. From everything I hear, it’s going to be a feast.