New Side Project and Raid Strategy contemplations.

Well at the rate I am going it may be patch 4.1 before I get my new side project “ready” so I will just reference it early and hope it is enough incentive to get me going on it.

Recently in our guild, i.e. the last few months, Conspiracy has been working on the Lich King on and off.  One of the areas of discussion was what raid strategy we were going to use.  So the raid and guild leadership would tell us to go and read up on the LK and watch some videos.  This led to us coming back and trying to process about 4-5 different strategies into 1 cognizant form for our use.  Over the course of a few weeks a general strategy was developed and the only way to pass the information was word of mouth and demonstrations while everyone was in the LK room.

Anyway throughout all of this many of the old raid strategy websites that I would use during tBC have since up and disappeared.  Now the best information available are Tankspot videos and WoWwiki fight summaries.  You will find the occasionally graph or chart strewn across the web but nothing really cohesive.  So for our guild I took it upon myself to create such a resource even if I end up being the only one using the resource.

So it is a work in progress and will mainly be focused on content starting with the release of Cataclysm.  I plan to over time flesh out more of ICC with normal and hard mode strategies but I promise nothing until Cata.  My goal in Cata is to have a clear set of strategies for raiders to use if they so wish.  Ideally if a few others would like to collaborate on developing strategies for Cata and posting them on the raid strategies blog with me that would be great.

Now on to the contemplations.

So I have been looking at the various Festergut and HM-Festergut strategies for a week or so now and near the end of the week last week I had a epiphany on something that should have dawned on me ages earlier.  It was a general rule/guide for creating clusters in a raid based on encounter criteria.

For example in Festergut we know the ranged must stay at least 8 yards apart when there is no spore up.

The formula for all of this is the following.

“# of people in formation” = Floor(6.28 * (New Radius / Min Radius))

“# of people in formation with 1 stationary as central point” = Floor(6.28 * (New Radius / Min Radius)) + 1

In the second formula the actual diameter may actually be 2r + hitbox of central figure.  But it does give you a good estimate of how many players you can pack into an area depending upon range of boss ability splash effect.

This also allows for an interesting double circle like a bullseye if the New Radius > (2 * Min Radius)

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