The pain of Balance – Spell Interaction

Well my leveling of the new Druid has led me to an observation that I can now make from experience rather than just looking at the talent trees.  There is no spell interaction between balance spell and it sucks.  Some might say but there is Eclipse but looking at the mechanic it is not one such that causes 1 spell to interact interestingly with another spell it is purely spam X until Y then spam Y until buff is gone or something procs to switch spam button.

This is not interesting.

Currently when I raid I raid on my Mage, previously my Disc. Priest.  Now I raid Fire because I find it to be more fun and it does a crap ton of damage/dps.  Now that is overall damage/dps not single target but that is a discussion for another time.

Interesting Spell/Talent Interactions


Hot Streak , when combined with all of the crit increasing talents in the fire tree this occurs quite often.  Sometimes in the LK fight I would get proc after prob before I could hit the instant cast Pyro, so I would only be able to cast 3-4 of the 6 or 7 that I would get due to global cool-down issues.

Missle Barrage, Brain Freeze both of these are along the same lines as Hot Streak but they all change up the Mage rotation/priority queue a little bit.


Rather than go into detail on each of these for each tree these set up something interesting to manage some are random like the Mages but others are also a setup like with the Conflagrate and Backdraft.


Twisted Faith and “Pain and Suffering”

Actually compared to the other caster dps classes shadow is looking a little meager as well.


Now the really interesting thing here for shaman is the main burst combo is available to all 3 specs because the interaction is base line.  The talents in the elemental just boost it to be the bread and butter interaction while it is a fun combo for the others.

Something Interesting

Now I realize that many things are changing in Cataclysm including some of the mechanics associated with Eclipse.  I think the changes to Eclipse are needed and the direction it is going is definitely a positive.  Looking at both Balance and Shadow both seem to be lacking something.

For Shadow I think it would be cool to have something like Nightfall or Lava Surge, where either Mind Blast or the equivalent become instant cast or it reduces the cooldown on Power Word: Death some.

For Balance I would wish for something that keeps the dot going on Moonfire by refreshing it on cast, preferably Starfire and the new Arcane/Nature spell.  Then have a talent or glyph that gives a chance for a proc like Brain Freeze and Nightfall where each tick of the Arcane dot has a small percent chance to give an instant cast Starfire also from the Direct Damage part of Moonfire so when you have a high mobility fight you can weave Moonfire and an occasional Instant cast Starfire while running.

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  1. Relevart says:

    I’ve been saying this an awful lot lately on the Beta forums. Nice post, thanks for championing the cause =]