Moonkin LVL50 – Is it really that easy?

Well I have my new Druid to level 50 and I have to say that I am not sure if it the class mechanics or just the heirloom gear but single target nuking is easier with Balance than with any of the other casters I have leveled to date.

My cast sequence is the following:

  1. Root
  2. Moonfire
  3. Insect Swarm
  4. Starfire
  5. Starfire

By this point 90% of the mobs I face +/-2 levels of me, as long as all spells hit, are dead.  I remember having to run around like an idiot or take a bunch of damage in the process on every other caster class with a few exceptions with warlock.  With warlock the pet or fear replaced the root.  Now for fun I also made a video of it just to show but have not yet had a successful upload to youtube.

Now with video!

This second part got me thinking that I may with assistance of Lissanna make a video guide to the various classes demonstrating various techniques for when Cataclysm launches or at least shortly thereafter.  I remember and really liked the BRK video guides on playing a hunter in different encounters and so will most likely not wander into hunter land but most of the others I may experiment with.

Also anyone reading this that may be interested in collaborating on the whole L2P video initiative let me know.

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